Win free tickets for the second adventure of percy jackson

Although percy saved the world and has supernatural powers as the son of the greek sea god poseidon, he does not feel like a hero. On the contrary. He has more doubts that maybe it was all just a coincidence.

But percy doesn't have much time to think, because the demigod camp is in danger! The protective wall of the camp is broken and a horde of mythical monsters threatens to destroy the camp. And the demigods should be exterminated in this way as well.

The only thing that can save the children now is the golden fleece. To get that, percy must go with his friends into the "sea of monsters" – people also call it bermuda triangle. And this is not an easy journey – even for half-gods…

Raffle of cinema packages
We are giving away three cinema packages. Included are two free tickets, a poster, a DVD "thieves in the olympus" and a book. You want to win? Participation is very easy! Write in a comment below this article what you would like to see as a "demigod" had.

Among all readers who send us a comment until saturday 24 o'clock, we will draw the three cinema packages. Good luck!

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