What does weismain want?

What does weismain want?

Lichtenfels district – what the district council members saw projected on the wall of the meeting hall left no doubt that weismain’s options in terms of bypasses are very limited. One could also say: the construction of the bypasses of modschiedel and wunkendorf, for which the county has given its commitment, is the bird in the hand. The "judenweg" variant discussed locally in recent times is at best a pigeon on the roof. This route could only be built as a state road, and since the next update of the state’s development plan is not due until 2021, its realization could be delayed until 2031. This was made clear by district administrator christian meibner (CSU). The costs were likely to double, not only because the "jews’ way" had to be rebuilt at around five kilometers longer than the county solution, but primarily because of the route through a landscape conservation area and the compensatory areas that are therefore required. According to the current state of affairs, both routes together are not feasible.
Weismain’s mayor udo dauer (CSU) stressed that the city council’s decision of 1996 (for the two bypasses) was still valid. But on behalf of the board, he asked the county to prepare a cost/benefit analysis of the two options. In response, district administrator christian meibner (CSU) stated unequivocally: an extension of the LIF 12 with the bypasses of wunkendorf and modschiedel would cost "three million euros plus x" costs, with the highest possible demand having been promised by the supreme construction authority in february. An efficient connection to the A 70, which is also desired by the economy, could thus be created in a timely manner. When the alternative route "judenweg" was built in weismain the matter was "settled in no time for the county". "If the state builds a state road, no one is happier than me", underlined meibner. A traffic payment at modschiedel, with 445 vehicles per day, 62 of which are heavy traffic, has not really shown the need for the bypasses. After the construction of the weismain bypass, however, an increase in traffic in the kleinziegenfelder valley is to be expected – which one would like to close to truck traffic.
What does the majority of the weismain population actually want?? – this question was posed by some councillors of the circle.


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