Weibenbrunn schoolchildren are pioneers

Weibenbrunn elementary school is the first elementary school in upper franconia to join the "school without racism – school with courage" network was recorded. During a concert at the lake in the front yard of the elementary school this award was handed over.

The prerequisite for this was a self-commitment of the teachers and the entire school family, this was submitted to the network and now one received the award for being accepted into the network. Sabine gerstner from the bezirksjugendring oberfranken congratulated on this acceptance and title award, which is tied to two conditions: first, you need a written commitment and second, a sponsor.

Sponsor is dominic herrmann

The professional musician dominic herrmann has made himself available as a sponsor. He is a percussionist at the opera house in zurich and is currently in switzerland. His father, mayor egon herrmann, read out his letter of sponsorship on behalf of the school.

Dominic herrmann writes in his sponsor letter: "for our society it is eminently important that already children are sensitized and made strong against racism and are trained for a tolerant and respectful treatment, which by the way all people in this world should have regardless of their skin color, religion, appearance etc.". Deserved. Unfortunately, the topic of racism is as present as it is topical. In my opinion, it is our duty to be humane! Shall mean…Tolerant, open-minded, respectful, interested, social, emphatic! Peaceful coexistence will only be possible if the young generation is actively educated in this regard at an early stage. I have lived and worked in switzerland for eleven years. I am the ‘foreigner’ myself. In the orchestra of the zurich opera, where i am a percussionist, there is, so to speak, a "motley crew" of very different people working together. They come from all possible countries of this world and belong to the most diverse religions. And they all work together peacefully."

In the end dominic herrmann is looking forward to seeing you again soon in weibenbrunn and invites all schools to his concert "power of percussion" on sunday, 27. May, at 5 p.M. In the lebbachtalhalle with free admission.

Commitment to each other

In the self-commitment, which was presented by two pupils, the pupils commit themselves to cooperation, cohesion and tolerance in everyday school life: "people are different and therefore unique. This is completely normal for me and I treat all people/students equally. I courageously help others who need help. I know that you can’t solve conflicts with violence. I therefore participate in projects on the theme of ‘school without racism – school with courage’, which my school carries out every year."

Many colorful contributions

The elementary school weibenbrunn put a big feast on top of the award ceremony. The whole school family celebrated the award with a concert on their own sea stage. The concert brought a variety of colorful contributions with song and music. The brasskids under the direction of marco plitzner presented the song of the pond and the crowning finale was the jointly sung school song of the elementary school weibenbrunn with pencils.


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