Weekly market attracts with regional products

After a good four months, the town has found a new direct marketer in the upper franconian family business muller, which is resuming the weekly market. Every thursday between 7.30 and 13 o'clock.

From potatoes and kohlrabi to lettuce and french apples: "whatever is possible comes from the region", explains alexander muller, who brings the goods to the people at crisp temperatures with mother elke. The mullers grow part of the assortment themselves in their home farm in priesendorf. The rest will be bought in. "We have a lot of small companies on our hands", says elke muller. Alexander takes out a yellow plastic sign on which every customer can find out about the origin of his vegetables: for example, that tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers come from the wenkheimer family in albertshofen (district of kitzingen).

The mullers are no strangers to bad kissingen. "We have known them for a long time. They are always present at all six annual fairs of the city", says siegfried hart, responsible for the city's market system. "We have been looking for a successor, because the weekly market should be maintained at all costs."

A wide range of products on offer
The city wanted loudly hard next to the fish and kase offer (tuesdays at eisenstadter platz) and the grunen markt (saturdays at the market place) offer consumers the possibility to buy fresh food also on thursdays. At the moment the weekly market runs in a trial phase of several weeks, in which the business is to start anew. "At the moment there is still a lack of walk-in customers. Word has not yet got around that we are here", says alexander muller. Siegfried hart assumes, however, that things will soon settle down again: "in the past, the weekly market was always held on fridays. This was firmly established." It just takes a little time for people to know that the weekly market is now a day earlier.

Because the mullers also appear at other weekly markets in france as direct marketers, the original friday could not be kept as a date in. "But we think that thursday is more attractive for the people of bad kissingen, because the next market is already taking place on saturday", says alexander muller.
Even though most of the produce is still coming out of the greenhouse: "last year we had fresh outdoor lettuce by the beginning of april, but this year we haven't even been able to plant it yet." If the temperatures rise next week as announced, will finally be attached to the hoods. Then it will be another four to six weeks before the mullers can offer the first fresh field vegetables in bad kissingen.


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