Uwe moller-uhlken is managing director of the frankische schweiz clinic

Uwe moller-uhlken is managing director of the frankische schweiz clinic

"I will not reach retirement age here", jokes the 69-year-old bamberger, who was managing director of the clinical center in coburg for more than 30 years. Before he goes into "retirement moller-uhlken took over the function as spokesman for the "regiomed" group of clinics, the association of clinics in coburg, sonneberg and neuhaus am rennsteig, hildburghausen, lichtenfels and schleusingen, as well as several senior citizens' homes, service companies and medical care centers.

"This is a healthcare group with around 3,000 employees, 1,400 beds, more than 60,000 inpatients and around 80,000 outpatients, and includes almost all areas of inpatient hospital care, facilities for outpatient and inpatient nursing care and assistance for the disabled, as well as the ground-based rescue service in the district of sonneberg.", explains uwe moller-uhlken.

Cooperation with forchheim
This experience of cooperation between hospitals, even across the bavarian-thuringian border, was the decisive factor in the decision to engage uwe moller-uhlken, explains chief physician eberhard kuon. The chief executive is to explore the possibilities of intensified cooperation between the frankische schweiz clinic and the forchheim clinical center. The goal is to offer high-quality medical care at both locations. A concentration at only one location is to be avoided. What happened at "regiomed kuon is confident that the first one, which worked, will also succeed here. He affirmed: "I am sure that we have made a very good choice with uwe moller-uhlken."

Moller-uhlken assured that he would work out solutions and present them to the appropriate bodies for decision-making.


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