Trebgast delegation narrowly misses rough success

Awarding of the "1. German daycare award in berlin – and trebgast was there. Not as spectators, but as one of ten finalists in the category "local alliance for early education of the year 2018". A jury of 16 experts had chosen the winners only the night before.
To say it in advance: it was not enough for the very, very top. Only a few points separated the trebgas castle network from receiving one of the five prizes in its category. Nevertheless, it was not a trip for the trebasters that could be classified as "nothing but expenses" will be filed.
The new federal minister for family affairs franziska giffey put it in a nutshell in her laudation: "there are no losers today. They are all winners today." This was also the opinion of the seven-headed trebgaster delegation.
Mayor werner diersch was not disappointed: "we were attracted by the call for entries and the selection as one of the ten finalists confirmed that we are well on the way with our community." A total of over 1642 daycare centers took part in the competition.

The needs decide

In her opening speech, the patron of the german children and youth foundation, elke budenbender, emphasized the importance of daycare centers. The finalists’ contributions made it clear that successful concepts cannot be created on a drawing board, but are always a response by professionals to local peculiarities, opportunities and challenges – and above all to the needs of children, which are different everywhere.
The "german daycare award" adventure had started for trebgast in july 2017, when mayor werner diersch nominated the burgernetzwerk of his municipality as an applicant for the competition "local early learning alliance of the year 2018" registered. The aim of the competition is to honor daycare centers and alliances that continuously work to improve the quality of early education in their immediate environment, placing the children’s perspective at the center of their efforts. At the end of september, the first success message arrived from berlin: "congratulations!. Your alliance convinced us in the first application phase and is one of the 15 nominees." In november, diersch was interviewed in detail about the individual points of the application. The second piece of good news came in mid-december: "trebgast is the only alliance from bavaria to enter the final round of ten finalists.
In january, a commission from berlin visited trebgast to find out about the work of the castle network. In march, a berlin team finally shot a short film in the daycare center and the school.


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