Too much water flows from sollberg to weibenohe?

Too much water flows from sollberg to weibenohe?

If you drive up the steep weibenoher berg, you’ll arrive in the town of grafenberg, called sollenberg. There, on the edge of the forest, surrounded by cherry orchards near a radio mast, a small building area has been designated. But since water is known to flow downhill, the wastewater association should carry out an inspection. "The wastewater association does not see any problems coming to the sewerage system", the mayor of weibenoh, rudolf braun (WGA), reported at the municipal council meeting. "But I don’t feel very comfortable about it", said braun. He had heard from the residents of the mesnergraben that despite the prolonged drought, there is still water in the ditch. This would not normally be the case in such weather conditions. It is suspected that the water comes from sollenberg, which uses the oberflach canal. "We want to check whether something has come in from sollberg," said braun, said braun.

Overloaded during heavy rain

In order to give the city of grafenberg consent for the planned building area, the resolution should be supplemented. "We will formulate the resolution in such a way that no water from grafenberg may be fed in", stressed braun. Especially during heavy rainfall, the mesnergraben is no longer able to drain the water. "We should take that into consideration", braun said, making clear the responsibility for the wastewater association and the city. Carmen stumpf (G) also emphasized this reservation, as these concerns had been repeatedly voiced in the past.

Webergarten" construction area

Rough concerns about the weibenoher construction area "webergarten, michael neubert, the founder of the association for the protection of the lillach valley, has already mentioned this in previous meetings. He criticized the construction area and especially the award criteria of the municipality. The latter did not comply with the law. The objections go all the way to the bavarian ministry of housing, building and transportation. In addition to the municipality of weibenohe, the district office of forchheim also had to submit an opinion. The result of the review was now available, and mayor rudolf braun announced that the municipality had been found to be in the right on all points from the point of view of the state ministry. The criticism that the municipality does not observe the guidelines for indigenous and building land models was also rejected from the state point of view. The municipality does not grant building land to local residents after examination. "We can go on with peace of mind", said braun, after he had read out the letter of reply from the government director.

Broadband expansion

In a conversation with the telekom, the "white spots" were discussed of broadband expansion in the community was sought and found in weinbergstrabe. There is still no 30 mbit/s fast internet there. Also the hut of the home and tourist association would still be supplied with fast internet. Since there are still funds available from the demand program, the weinbergstrabe will now also be expanded.

Wastewater association

The municipality of weibenohe will have to pay more money in the future for the wastewater association of upper schwabach due to a recalculation for the citizens and "heavy polluters" – these are guest houses or breweries – pay. Weibenohe has grown and now has 1775 inhabitants. This means that weibenohe has a 9.89 percent share in all the costs of the association. Previously it was 8.74 percent. The new rate is valid from january, informed mayor rudolf braun, and at the same time named some investments: for example, a new rake will be purchased for the clarification plant, in order to be able to filter the waste better. Many burgers dispose of things in the toilet that certainly have no place there. 44.000 euro costs the new rake. But also a mobile silo as a temporary storage for the clear sludge, which may no longer be spread on the fields, will be purchased. The head of the municipality explained that some of the municipality’s clear sludge was being transported to the east. Also for the fahrsilo must with costs between 30.000 and 50.000 euros.


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