Today starts the rough garden festival

today starts the rough garden festival

The enemies of kronach have always cut their teeth on the walls of the city. But sometimes even friends stumble when they try to get inside. "This fortress is really hard to take", sighs one of the exhibitors at the rose and garden festival. His team broke down on the steep driveway with a full load and probably too weak a tractor unit.
"This is now the third one we've pulled up", says organizer stefanie kober with a smile. She reaches for the radio and announces to the station outside the fortress walls to warn the drivers in the future.

Six years of experience

Such little things have not been able to upset stefanie kober for a long time now. She has been organizing the rose fair in kronach since 2007; she also benefits from this experience in the preparation – and from the now very well-rehearsed organizational team.
About 15 people are permanently on duty since thursday. "We are actually a rough circle of friends", emphasizes stefanie kober. Some of the schoolchildren from kronach who supplement their pocket money in this way every year are also involved in the event. Some of the contacts are so close that the helpers even go along to the second fair in konigsberg (near habfurt).

Three sons on board

Stefanie kober's sons are also permanent members of the crew: konrad (12) is in charge of information, julius (15) is in charge of the cash desk and philip (20) is working everywhere. "He is in training to become an event manager – so he is a professional", explains the organizer about her "oldest". This commitment of her children has grown and is due to the atmosphere of the festival. "They have always been there and they want to be there", she says about her children. "These events are very personal events for us." Everything is discussed and planned within the family in advance.
Since thursday, the exhibitors' vans – this year 114 are involved – have been rolling in. For stefanie kober and her team, this means "despite good plans" every year – a huge challenge. There is a lot of work to be done, most of which will not be noticed by the festival visitors. Electricity and water have to be supplied, the parking spaces have to meet the respective requirements, and local contacts have to be maintained. "And I always have to be there where another hand is needed", says stefanie kober. It is important to keep everything in mind, because the paths in the fortress could otherwise become long. "I have my mountain bike with me. That was one of my best ideas, says the organizer as she swings on the saddle.

Further establishing the festival in kronach

If the number of visitors continues to increase, kober is confident that the kronach garden festival will continue to establish itself. Since the date of the rose fair does not clash with that of the basket market in lichtenfels this year, stefanie kober sees good chances for a positive development.
But there is one problem that needs to be solved. "Many people still have the wrong idea that the festival is just a garden show. You can talk to each other all day long here." Says it and pedals hard, so that the festival can get going today too.


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