The rough cleaning up and refurbishment begins

the rough cleaning up and refurbishment begins

Something else is more important to him: no one was injured in the storm. "I am glad that it went off like that. Without injured." The police in habfurt registered around 170 calls for service on the night of the storm and the morning after, the ebern police another 40. And more cases will follow for the police, for example when victims need protocols for their insurances. Damage was also caused by children's trampolines whirling around: in ebern one landed in the top of a tree, another in the neighbor's winter garden.

On the road with a snowplow

After the storm was cleared up. Different tools are needed for this. The most spectacular equipment was used by the freeway maintenance department in knetzgau: they removed the debris that the hurricane had blown onto the roadways with a snow plow. Otherwise the helpers mainly needed shovels and brooms. The forestry workers resorted to motorized tones. And roofers were also very busy at the beginning of the week.
"Over 20 orders" were received by a company from a district of ebern on monday morning alone. "There's everything from a few tiles and chimney covers to entire roofs and half a gable", the company boss reported to our newspaper. A bad case was reported to him from pettstadt.
The storm must have raged fiercely there. "I've never seen anything like it, reinhold albert from the police in ebern describes his impressions of pettstadt lake, where birch trees were uprooted and took the shoreline with them.
Similar to the situation on the durrnhof-lichtenstein district road, where a cab driver was caught, several motorists were "trapped" by fallen trees on the breitbrunn-gleisenau state road. It went neither forward nor backward until firefighters arrived with chainsaws.
"They really rode", ebern commander markus appel praised his men. Over 100 in number. "We were hit by this storm like we haven't been for a long time." As "pure luck appel described the fact that no personal injury occurred. Especially with the trapped cars in waldstucken a few centimeters were crucial. "This could have ended differently."
Nearly all available firefighters were on duty for hours. "The radio traffic almost completely collapsed", according to appel. In two villages, it was difficult to raise the alarm. Due to power failures the sirens in kraisdorf and bramberg remained silent.
The police have great respect for the performance of the fire departments. "The fire department had a hard job to do", described peter firsching. According to district fire chief ralf dressel (konigsberg), 70 fire departments were called out throughout the habberge district.

Forest roads blocked

The forest in the district habberge has been hit differently. The most serious damage was recorded by the forestry authorities in the forest area north of zeil near the small town of bischofsheim. After a "rough estimate gerhard stein, district manager for the zeil forest at the bavarian state forestry service in bad konigshofen, assumes that around 1000 solid cubic meters were "felled" by the storm has. Numerous forest roads are blocked by fallen trees, according to his presentation. Two to three days, estimates stein, are necessary to get the paths clear again. A victim of the storm was the well-known jagerhauschen, where the habbergverein zeil used to celebrate its whitsun festival years ago. A tree fell on the roof and destroyed it.
For the forester, completely surprisingly, "this time it also hit hardwood". Even strong beech and oak trees toppled over or were cut down. Again and again in the forest between zeil and bischofsheim splintered trunks stand out. The storm has hit selectively, on the crests more than in the valleys.
Local damage and no flat-mab windthrows are also confirmed by hans stark, the head of the university forestry office in sailershausen, and ulrich merger, the head of the bavarian state forestry in ebrach, which is responsible for the steigerwald in the habberge district up to the main line. "We got away with two black eyes", strongly depicts the situation in "his" forest. Around 120 solid meters may have been blown down by the storm. That is "almost nothing compared to damage caused by earlier storms. "We have been lucky."

Different windthrow

Ulrich mergner has already discovered windthrow aisles in the steigerwald, especially on the upper slopes. He and his employees are still in the process of assessing the situation and clearing blocked paths. According to him, the punctual damages are typical for summer storms. It has been confirmed that deciduous trees withstand storms much better than coniferous trees.
In contrast, the forests in the ebern area proved to be resilient, as initial inspection runs have shown. "Nothing dramatic has discovered the ebern forester wolfgang gnannt. "Some crowns are just broken out, the storm has well ausgeastelt." Wolfgang gnannt estimates the windbreak in the ebern city forest at 30 to 40 solid meters.


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