Summer pruning slows down, winter pruning strengthens growth

The tree pruning course held on saturday by the fruit and gardening association (OGV) steinberg was very well received. The 37 participants were given valuable information and practical instructions on the subject of pruning fruit trees.

As OGV chairman peter mastalerz explained, summer pruning slows down growth, whereas so-called winter pruning – in the vegetation pause after the leaves have fallen until the sap begins to flow – stimulates it. By the cuttings it is tried to find a compromise between bearing, pruning and feeding wood. The tree is then in a physiological equilibrium.

Important goals are also the thinning out of too dense branch sections as well as the care and removal of tree parts that are at risk for infestation with a plant disease – such as open wounds, pruning scars, dead wood or water pockets. Also regular and high yields in good quality were demanded. Light and air were able to penetrate into the interior of the crown, which meant that nutrients were better distributed in the tree and thus benefited the formation of fruit and bleed respectively.

Afterwards, the individual steps of tree pruning were demonstrated in practice. The apple tree, which is about five meters high, was pruned by michael hammer on his farm in steinberg-eichenbuhl. The steinberg gardeners will continue to follow the development of the tree.

During the course, tips and experiences from the domestic "green kingdom" were also eagerly shared passed on.


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