Strullendorf gets flexi classes in the elementary school

Strullendorf gets flexi classes in the elementary school

The strullendorf school will be the first elementary school in the bamberg district to offer flexible classes. The "flexible elementary school" concept – the new school system, which started as a pilot project in bavaria in 2010, provides for teaching to be geared to the different talents and learning requirements of elementary school students: in concrete terms, this means that students can complete the first two grades in one, two or even three years.

Classes are taught in mixed-grade groups with learning opportunities specially adapted to the diversity of the children. This is how principal dieter weinsheimer presented the project to the strullendorf town council. Since the school – together with the state education authority – decides autonomously, but the municipality as the responsible authority has to agree, weinsheimer informed the committee together with the director of the education authority, barbara pflaum, about the current development.

After the teachers' council had already decided the parents and guardians of the future and current first-grade students have been informed about the introduction of flexible classes – while at the same time retaining regular classes. They were also asked to make a declaration of choice.

One third wants flexi classes
According to weinsheimer, it became clear that about one-third of the schools want to offer flexible classes, one-third are against it, or one-third are undecided. So there were enough teachers for the flexible classes.

Weinsheimer noted, however, that according to the current status, there are only binding registrations for 47 schools. This means that with a maximum size of 25 students (regular classes: 29), only two flexi classes could be formed in strullendorf – and not three as planned. However, the rector was optimistic that he would be able to find the four missing students in the coming days and weeks so that three classes could be formed after all.

School district director pflaum assured the school – and the community council – of the necessary staff and hourly quotas. Both for a three- and a two-class lottery. "We want it to be a success", said pflaum.

No more experiment
The director of the education authority also emphasized that she considers strullendorf to be a suitable location for the first flexi classes in the district. There are already enough teachers to meet the challenges of this new school model. The "flexible elementary school, is also no longer an experiment, but a model that has stood the test of time.

Pflaum also made it clear, however, that the focus is not on the possibility of a turbo school, but on individual challenges and the joy of learning. In contrast to G8, flexible elementary school is not a political decision, but a concept developed by educators. There were still numerous questions in the council, but also – with two exceptions – clear approval of the project.


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