Police apprehend hostage taker

Police officers from the habfurt police department succeeded in taking a 26-year-old man, who was obviously under psychological strain, into custody during an operation last wednesday. The suspected perpetrator had threatened a woman with scissors in his habfurt apartment. By order of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office, the 26-year-old is being held in a correctional facility, as the police prisons for lower franconia in wurzburg and the bamberg public prosecutor’s office jointly announced on monday.

Emergency call received by the police

About 10.30 o’clock reached the operation center of the police prasidium lower franconia the emergency call that a 26-year-old family members in the common apartment threatened with a knife. Without delay, patrols of the police of habfurt and surrounding departments set off to the scene of the incident.

In the apartment itself, the 26-year-old had taken a woman, who was a guest with the family, into his power. He threatened to hurt her with scissors and kill her, according to the statements. Even before the arrival of the special task force, the security guards succeeded in overpowering the 26-year-old at an opportune moment, so that his victim was at least physically unharmed.

Remand in custody ordered

The suspected perpetrator, who was obviously under psychological strain, was taken into custody and spent the night in a detention cell. Further investigations were carried out by the schweinfurt criminal investigation department. On the order of the public prosecutor’s office in bamberg, the man was brought before the investigating judge on thursday. He ordered the 26-year-old to be remanded in custody on urgent suspicion of kidnapping

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