Meteorite victims still in clinic

Meteorite victims still in clinic

A woman hit in the spine was flown to moscow on a special plane on saturday morning, according to the civil defense ministry. Twelve adults and three children were treated in hospitals in the chelyabinsk region. 100,000 people were affected by building damage in the most devastating meteorite strike in living memory. In contrast, the asteroid 2012 DA14, which passed by the earth, did not even affect satellites.

In russia, some 24,000 workers continued their efforts to make the windowless buildings winter-proof in temperatures of around minus 20 degrees. In hospitals, for example, people helped themselves with warm foils to seal the windows provisionally. The total damage from the meteorite impact is about one billion rubles (25 million euros), and the trend is upward, yurevich said.

Sexism in stasi victims’ memorial: director is dismissed

Sexism in stasi victims' memorial: director is dismissed

Director hubertus knabe loses his post in the affair of sexual harassment of women at the stasi victims memorial in berlin-hohenschonhausen. Knabe is duly informed, at the same time he is released from work for the time being.

This was announced by the berlin senate cultural administration. "The foundation council has no confidence that dr. Knabe will initiate the urgently needed cultural change at the foundation, let alone be able to credibly represent such a change," was the reason given in a press release issued by the council. He had passed the resolution unanimously. Knabe could not initially be reached for comment. On monday he had said: "if there is criticism, it should be put on the table"."Knabe has been director of the memorial since 2001.

Summer pruning slows down, winter pruning strengthens growth

The tree pruning course held on saturday by the fruit and gardening association (OGV) steinberg was very well received. The 37 participants were given valuable information and practical instructions on the subject of pruning fruit trees.

As OGV chairman peter mastalerz explained, summer pruning slows down growth, whereas so-called winter pruning – in the vegetation pause after the leaves have fallen until the sap begins to flow – stimulates it. By the cuttings it is tried to find a compromise between bearing, pruning and feeding wood. The tree is then in a physiological equilibrium.

Rodelsee starts with many question marks

Rodelsee starts with many question marks

Many teams would probably consider the third place in the handball district upper league a success. Not so TSV rodelsee, which achieved this ranking last season. "You have to say that last year’s third-place finish was more of a letdown for us," says TSV coach radovan suchy, not wanting to hide the fact that the former third-division team’s performance didn’t necessarily make for a pat on the back.

For suchy, however, the course of the past season was not entirely unexpected. After TSV had waived its right to promotion in the 2017/18 season as champions of the upper district league, it was foreseeable that it would be difficult in terms of motivation. But there was no alternative to the waiver at the time, because the players would have been too rough in the landesliga, as the coach explains. So the rodelsee team once again competed only at the highest district level – and, in suchy’s opinion, did not make full use of their potential. "We had more potential, but we clearly lost the decisive games, so that it was not enough for more than third place," says the coach.

Police apprehend hostage taker

Police officers from the habfurt police department succeeded in taking a 26-year-old man, who was obviously under psychological strain, into custody during an operation last wednesday. The suspected perpetrator had threatened a woman with scissors in his habfurt apartment. By order of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office, the 26-year-old is being held in a correctional facility, as the police prisons for lower franconia in wurzburg and the bamberg public prosecutor’s office jointly announced on monday.

Emergency call received by the police

About 10.30 o’clock reached the operation center of the police prasidium lower franconia the emergency call that a 26-year-old family members in the common apartment threatened with a knife. Without delay, patrols of the police of habfurt and surrounding departments set off to the scene of the incident.

High level, good entertainment

The audience at "singing and making music in advent" rewarded the performance with minutes of applause in the lauensteiner nikolaus church the performances of the players. On the third advent, the mixed choir of the singing society 1865 lauenstein, the flute group lauenstein, the lauensteiner blechblaser, the soloists stephan schmidt on the piano and the tenor mario frunske gave their best and demonstrated impressively that pre-christmas music – performed in a concert-like manner – has a high entertainment value.

The 90 minutes flew by with poems and speeches by gunther bergner, christel doring and erhard witte, who once again guided the audience through the program with his empathetic moderation.

The rough cleaning up and refurbishment begins

the rough cleaning up and refurbishment begins

Something else is more important to him: no one was injured in the storm. "I am glad that it went off like that. Without injured." The police in habfurt registered around 170 calls for service on the night of the storm and the morning after, the ebern police another 40. And more cases will follow for the police, for example when victims need protocols for their insurances. Damage was also caused by children's trampolines whirling around: in ebern one landed in the top of a tree, another in the neighbor's winter garden.

On the road with a snowplow

Bad bruckenau: old hand in new position

53-year-old thomas voth, who began his training with the eichstatt riot police in 1983, has worked at numerous police stations throughout his career. Airport police munich-riem, border police prasidium, highway police oberthulba or traffic inspection werneck were just a few of the stations in the process. In april 2012 he came to bad bruckenau. "The town on the river sinn has been a bit of a pussycat for me up to now", the official remembers the initial period. But that changed very quickly "because the cooperation with the new colleagues as well as with the responsible persons in the town hall immediately worked out very well".

For head of inspection herbert markert, it was important when filling the post "to have someone at my side who already knows the job of deputy". With his many years of experience, voth was the right man for the job, who is not only respected by all the employees at the office, but is also often asked for advice. In this way, the transfer of knowledge among each other has also functioned without any unnecessary friction losses.

Price slump pushes nordzucker into the red

Price slump pushes nordzucker into the red

The year before, the balance sheet showed a profit of 118 million euros. Sales slumped by 18 percent year on year to 1.35 billion euros. A dividend is not to be poured out this time. The company also expects to make a loss in the new fiscal year, but is counting on prices rising again in the medium term.

In the first full year after the end of the EU quota system, the market situation was characterized by significant overproduction within the EU and on the world market as well as fierce competition at historically low prices, the company announced on thursday. The company sees production increases in india and thailand, in particular, as a result of government subsidies.

In veilbronn, love comes from cooking

In veilbronn, love comes from cooking

Lovebirds don't fly through the kitchen. No sweetheart here, no sweetheart there. Cuddling by the stove? No way! The kitchen is humming too much for that. "But for us, love goes through the stomach", marcus muller admits and winks out of the corner of his eye at his lifeline jessica geibler. "With us anyway", says jessica, whom everyone only affectionately calls "jess" call, and jerks out while kneading the noodle dough with the acquaintance story.

"On our first date we went out for strawberries. At the pavilion in heiligenstadt. Until late at night, tells jess and beams, while marcus starts the noodle machine. "At that time, the country inn in veilbronn was not yet for sale. Three quarters of a year later, I took over the restaurant", marcus tells us and laughs, slightly disappointed. It's not just the hours of rest at the stove that pass in front of the mind's eye. "It wasn't always easy. Since 2010, we've already been through all kinds of things", says the 25-year-old marcus and also tells of bitter days. Especially in winter, sometimes a snowflake is enough to make guests shy away from the wildly romantic leidingshofer valley.