No to ghost games – majority against tests for professionals

No to ghost games - majority against tests for professionals

46 percent do not like the plan of the german soccer league (dfl) to play the nine remaining games of the season in stadiums without spectators as soon as possible. This was the result of a survey conducted by the opinion research institute yougov on behalf of the deutsche presse-agentur. 34 percent of respondents, on the other hand, were in favor of ghost games.

There is even greater opposition to the provision of around 20.000 corona tests for those involved in the ghost games. 58 percent disapprove, only 22 percent approve of the planned mabnahme. The DFL had recently emphasized on several occasions that the regular tests of professional soccer players did not result in a shortage for high-risk groups or other groups in society. According to several laboratories, the existing test capacities were not exhausted anyway. If something changed in this situation, the football was withdrawn, it was assured.

The german soccer league hopes to continue the suspended season in may and has presented a health concept for this purpose. On thursday, german chancellor angela merkel and the minister presidents are to discuss the bundesliga issue as well.


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