New sign for the ebern parish church

New sign for the ebern parish church

When someone like gunter lipp is up to something, it usually involves a lot of work. So now again, as the home keeper from frickendorf for replacement on the facade of the city parish church st. Laurentius in ebern cares. Lipp and his wife beate have donated a new memorial plaque for the house of god.

The old sign from the 70's was weathered and on top of that contained "a big spelling mistake", says the former seminary director. An adjective had been roughly written. The lipps love to have a new panel made by a specialist company in schweinfurt. On a hand-driven copper tablet, the text is written in capitals. A new mistake with the coarse and small letters is thus ruled out in any case.

As lipp explains, the inscription was not written, as was the case with the "first generation" of signs, for which his predecessor as district local keeper willy bergmann was responsible at the time, but was stuck on due to the weather conditions.

Extensive series of articles
Since april 1991 lipp has been a home keeper. How deeply he has immersed himself in the history and cultural peculiarities of the ebern area is evidenced by his articles in the frankischer tag on local history alone. In the 20 years since september 1993, over 480 articles have appeared in this series. Lipp's office in frickendorf resembles a city archive – and is at least as well organized. "I'm just a typical civil servant, says the 73-year-old about himself.

The new memorial plaque was first taken into custody by the city's pastor rudolf theiler.Employees of the building yard will fix them. She points out that the church in the 15. The new building was erected in the nineteenth century practically at the same time as the neighboring beinhaus (ossarium). New is the reference to the height of the church tower (43 meters), which lipp called the "king of the skittles" of the ebern towers and a reference to the bookstore (liberey), which pastor helb donated anno 1463.


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