Munnerstadt: now it’s the turn of the strawberries

They have taken into consideration. At first, the kleinwenkheim volunteer fire department was supposed to be able to celebrate its 140th anniversary, but now it’s time to get started. From tuesday 21. May, will be built on the local connection road fridritt – kleinwenkheim, including the inner-local fridritter road in kleinwenkheim. And not only there. "In total, there are eleven lots at a cost of 650,000 euros", says frank braun from the braun planning office.

Everything is already prepared: the road and the footpaths are marked with signs indicating what needs to be done there. When the construction machines start moving in on tuesday, the village square at the old school will serve as a parking lot and storage area for materials, says local councilor ralf verholen (freie wahler).

As of tuesday, motorists must expect obstructions. The work will start in kleinwenkheimer strabe in the city center. "Where it is necessary", explains frank braun. And it is necessary in many places. During the whitsun vacations it will be the turn of the road connecting the towns to be repaired. The entire length of the road will be reinforced with an asphalt layer at least six centimeters thick. This is the same procedure as was used, for example, for the wermerichshausen – seubrigshausen road. For this reason the road must be completely closed. The vacations were deliberately chosen for this work because no school buses run then. Frank braun assumes, however, that the road can be used only one week not.

Because of the then not running school buses also a piece of the valley road will be rehabilitated in the whitsun vacations. This is a section between the upper gate and the first span to the swimming pool path. Further projects are, among others, the junction area of the local connection road from reichenbach to windheim (pentecost vacations), the access road to the sport home and fire department building in burghausen and an intersection area at the church in reichenbach (probably in july). Probably in the summer vacations a part of the schutzenstrabe will follow (local connection munnerstadt – althausen), in the package is still the access road to the new loschwasserteich in windheim, the malergasse in munnerstadt, a 50 meter long sidewalk in the hennebergstrabe in munnerstadt and eventually repair work in the schindbergstrabe.

"As road traffic officer, I am pleased that the city council has approved the first construction phase", says fabian noth. "I think that now every year we need such a sum for the road renovation." Because in the 1970s many housing estates were built, in which now the roads had to be rehabilitated. Frank braun agrees. "A prison lasts about 50 years", he says. You only have to pay all the roads in the city and divide the total by 50. Then we would know how many roads need to be repaired each year.

Ralf verholen is also grateful to the city council for agreeing to the construction work. "And also the flood clearance", he adds. Because there are always problems in kleinwenkheim during heavy rains, the necessary work is now also done.

The first construction phase will soon be followed by a second one. This includes parts of the market square, a rollator belt in the finster gasse, parts of the sidewalks in the veit-stob-strabe and the riemenschneiderstrabe as well as all the gravel paths along the city wall.

"Strabs connect people", says mayor helmut blank (CSU). That’s why it’s important for them to be in a reasonable condition. In frank braun, the city has a very reliable partner, praises the city leader. "He always offers very practicable solutions."


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