Life doubts work with

Life doubts work with

Misganu bekele mosisa is in his element on the construction site of the music academy. With two other refugees, he uses a drill bit to pry bricks out of a timber frame.

"The work makes the difference, says the apprentice to the journeyman bricklayer. "It’s better than sitting around at home," she says, he adds with a grin in understandable german. The 24-year-old’s enthusiasm for his work is plain to see. 2018 he wants to graduate.

But sometimes worries also come through in the conversation. "The head is often not free", regrets bekele. The federal office for migration has not recognized him as a refugee. That is why his future is open.

"I do not understand it", he says about this dubious outlook on life. He feels that the fact that he is part of a persecuted minority in his home country is not taken into account enough in his process. It is the same with other athiopians in the hammelburg area who are denied recognition.

Yet he started his training full of verve. Two years ago he was at the federal office for migration (bamf) in zirndorf for a hearing. It was only this april that he was informed of the decision, which was devastating for him.

Hope he now draws from his appeal to the bamf and the three plus two rule. Accordingly, he is allowed to stay in germany for another two years after his apprenticeship. If he passes the exam.

The aspiring bricklayer struggles with the tears as he tells of his family’s fate. His father was imprisoned and died in prison because of differences of opinion with the ruling amarians.
He himself left the country head over heels and finally arrived in munich by adventurous means via the mediterranean and italy. Since 2014 he came to the community shelter in hammelburg. Here, he obviously took his fate for advancement quickly into his own hands. He attended the integration class at the vocational school and did an internship at the E-center.

Now he is doing well in his apprenticeship, sometimes getting up at five in the morning to carpool to his employer. "I love my home country, but i have no right to live there", he says accusingly.

Training officer praises

Collegiality and hard work by bekele praises training officer udo langohr from the bommel construction company (nudlingen). Three refugees are currently learning in the company. In practice, there are no problems, but in theory, the young colleagues are faced with major challenges. Bekele is on the right track with his language skills. For the improvement of the technical language there will be more courses. The outlook is not bad for the final audit.

"We need new recruits, says langohr on the importance of the new employees. Another refugee who is in danger of failing the exam because of the language hurdle will be offered a job as a helper if the worst comes to the worst. "So that he at least has something", langort admits. However, he regrets some of the bureaucratic obstacles. So work permits often had to be renewed at short notice. "There is a need for improvement", according to langohr. The chamber of handicrafts of lower franconia certifies that its affiliated companies are roughly willing to train refugees.

Among the new teaching contracts at the turn of the month are 132 contracts from people from the eight most common countries for asylum applications (afghanistan, eritrea, iraq, iran, nigeria, pakistan, somalia and syria). That’s almost twice as many as in all of 2016.

Ambitious plans

This increase is due, among other things, to the increased number of graduates from vocational integration classes and the activities of the chamber of skilled crafts’ welcome guides. A total of four of them are on assignment throughout lower franconia. From the point of view of the chamber of handicrafts, professional integration is the key to social integration. They are a building block against the shortage of skilled workers.

Misganu bekele meanwhile has ambitious plans. He also wants to become a technician. To improve his language skills, he goes in and out of the city library. Wolfgang dunnebier


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