Laura beyfub from eltingshausen is the first ihk-certified speaker in the region

Laura beyfub from eltingshausen is the first ihk-certified speaker in the region

Since february, the 27-year-old in eltingshausen is now the only IHK-certified freelance orator between fulda and wurzburg for auberkirchliche weddings or funeral ceremonies and children’s welcome parties as a secular substitute for baptism.

Free speakers should be interested in their fellow human beings, beyfub is convinced. "I must be able to listen to bride and groom or survivors." This involves a high level of empathy. But self-confidence and professionalism are also required. "At such an important celebration you must be able to rely on the speaker."

One thing is particularly important to the 27-year-old: as a speaker, she has to be very present, but not put herself in the center of attention. The ceremony must not become a show, but – and the newlywed remembers her own wedding fondly – "people are allowed to laugh and clap, but also to cry.

Two years ago, david beyfub (35), owner of a tutoring agency and also her employer since laura graduated from high school eight years ago in munnerstadt, proposed to the young oerlenbacher at the fub of the golden gate bridge in san franzisco in a classic romantic way. A year later, the wedding followed in the historic rooms of the state spa of bad bruckenau. "The registrar was really good", the young couple still swarm. "Our guests are still talking about it."

These memories and the example of the registrar gave laura the idea to train as a freelance speaker at the chamber of commerce and industry in koln from the theologian and well-known keynote speaker martin lieske. Beyfub: "this is the only official institution in germany that offers seminars for speakers with a final examination."

After successfully passing the IHK exam, which was preceded by three hard weekends at the IHK in colonia with speech and voice training, training in posture and gestures, in structuring and personalizing speeches, and not least in the organization of such ceremonies, beyfub now wants to use her performance as a keynote speaker to help her customers remember the important family day in a special way. "Certainly, the services of freelance speakers are used above all by people who are unaffiliated with a particular denomination, she describes her future clientele. "But choosing a freelance speaker is not automatically a decision against the church", assures the 27-year-old. But the personal aspect of liturgical services usually gets far too little attention. "But this is the most important thing."

Pastors are also hardly willing to perform weddings or funeral ceremonies outside of their church. With the engagement of a freelance speaker, the wedding couple is free to choose any wedding venue they like. Nor do you have to adhere to constricting conventions.

Many brides and grooms today have their wedding planner organize their wedding reception for them. Beyfub: "with freelance speakers, any family ceremony – whether it’s a wedding, a children’s welcome party or a funeral service – can be made much more personal."


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