Ksv kitzingen dares to take the risk

ksv kitzingen dares to take the risk

The weightlifters of KSV kitzingen lost their first fight in the new bay-ernliga-season with 1:2. But this negative result in waldkirchen, 300 kilometers away, did not cause any disappointment among the team, as thomas stohr, one of the lifters, reports. "We have been very happy about this point! We are now in good spirits and quite euphoric, not only with regard to the home competition against KSC dachau," says hohr. The kitzinger were allowed to bag the one payer, because they had produced the stronger performance in the reiben than the opponent.

On the day of the competition, the kitzingen team had already started around noon in order to be in the bavarian forest on time. First they moved into their quarters – the kitzingen team did without the strenuous drive home at night. At 18 o’clock it went for all on the scales, it followed the contest. A cosy team evening rounded the whole thing off, the next day it went back in the direction of lower franconia. This was a good start to the new season, says stohr. Because during the week the athletes rarely see each other because one or the other is working away from home.

The fact that the KSV lifters were again allowed to lift in the bavarian league was due to the decision of AC bayreuth: as champions of the franconian league, AC bayreuth did not want to move up. Instead, the kitzingen team took the chance – also because something has changed there in terms of personnel. So now in stefan holzer (once abmann) a heber has returned, who had last competed for a few years in the bundesliga for pforzheim. He also gave his starting right back to KSV. In addition, there were two lifters from our own junior team.

In addition, the club has two 15-year-old young talents in katharina fischer and elmas altinsoy, who also strengthen the team in terms of its overall strength. Both were already allowed to compete in the bavarian league and can contribute important points to success there. "They are already scoring 40 to 60 points, which is good," says thomas stohr with satisfaction. They are to be used only sporadically, and the team wants to build up the madels carefully. KSV also has other good lifters in nicole winterholler and eva kaluza (still injured).

"In terms of personnel, we’re in a good position, so we said we’d risk it in the bayernliga," says stohr. It will hardly be enough for the top places, but fifth to seventh place is the target, which stohr considers feasible, also in view of the results of the first day of competition. The experienced norbert graber and michael fischer are helping the squad as coaches. Armin uhl is also in the coaching staff. However, he does not lift for kitzingen, but still for the AC mutterstadt in the bundesliga.

"He would have been great for us, of course, but armin costs that out in the bundesliga. The incentive is simply greater there," says stohr. Uhl is a regular guest at the KSV hall – and not just for training. He also helps in the surrounding area, organizes the competitions or club championships. The camaraderie and the atmosphere just fit in kitzingen, that’s why many alumni like to come by.

"You don’t get far in weightlifting with just one training session a week." Thomas stohr, KSV kitzingen

The effort of the athletes for the bavarian league should not be underestimated. Three times a week for about three hours of training, that’s about the average. "Some even train four times. Weightlifting depends a lot on routine, but you don’t get very far with one training session a week," says stohr. There is no money to be made there, rather the contrary. The club also helps out sometimes, for example with fuel for the team rides. The athletes paid for their last overnight stay in waldkirchen out of their own pockets. "You don’t have to put anything on it," says stohr. "You come out with zero. But you also invest a lot of time."

This saturday the competition against the KSC dachau is at home. Kitzingen hopes for an atmospheric crowd and two or even three points. The current kitzingen bavarian league team includes stefan holzer, benjamin uhl, julian seufert, raphael zink, thomas stohr, philipp kamleiter and the currently injured eva kaluza. In addition, elmas altinsoy and katharina fischer.


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