Kronach sounds and rocks

Kronach sounds and rocks

On saturday, 20 bands and djs in 14 pubs created a good atmosphere. The musical variety for free was used by many visitors to go to several locations with their bands.

While in the "kaiserhof-tenne" as always "frankenart as always "frankenart" played, a large number of people gathered at the party tables in the inner courtyard to exchange their experiences.

In the bar "caribbean gave "art Y shock their debut and also in the garden they met to celebrate together. It was no different at "cocono, where many, predominantly younger people, already celebrated extensively before the entrance. Inside was again the group "tides" and heated up the premises with their music. "Rainbow live" was again in the "s`antla" to guest.

Young people in particular were at the "vecchia casa" where "piano sounds a somewhat hard way put on.

"Semi-dry played in the "riverside, where the entire forecourt was also well utilized. In the "limerick this year was "bonanza four as a guest.

In the "struwwelpeter" youth and cultural center alone, five live bands played at the R.I.O. Preliminary decision.


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