Kronach’s new sound

Kronach's new sound

A newcomer band from the district of kronach is ready to take off: the five boys call themselves "vitamin B". On 21. July they perform for the first time – at the open air "1000 herzen fur kronach" on the land of the state garden show. But it took several months before the current line-up was finalized. Especially behind the band members adrian triebner, kevin mehlhase and fabian burkert-mazur lie many constellation changes. The latter already had the idea of founding a band at the end of 2017.

Since then, the two have experienced a constant coming and going of potential members. Often it failed because they did not want to or could not spend enough time on rehearsals – but also because of a lack of motivation. However, the same cannot be said of the current line-up. "We are already up for it", makes kevin klenner laughingly clear.

The drummer was the last member to join the band and immediately convinced everyone of his talent. Which is not surprising, since the 18-year-old has already been playing the drums for 13 years. The other boys have also been enjoying music for a long time now. Every band member has been playing an instrument for at least seven years, the five musicians say.

This is what "vitamin B" sounds like

They have specialized in german rock. Their covers range from songs by the "bohsen onkelz" to the "korbmacher" about the "toten hosen all the way to "karbholz. But the newcomers also want to play their own songs. "I write the lyrics and already think of an approximate melody", burkert-mazur tells. "During the rehearsal the song is created. Most of the time it turns out completely different from what i imagined", he says with a laugh.

Although the band has only been in existence since spring 2019, "vitamin B" have have already published two of their own songs – on their soundcloud and youtube channel. However, these are only demo versions that were recorded in the basement of burkert-mazur – the band's rehearsal room. The cutbacks in the qualitat they take for the time being in purchase, because at the moment no money for studio recordings is available.

To increase the degree of popularity is first of all the top priority. The band has been present on facebook and instagram for a few months now. The guys are also in contact with radio stations. Next year they want to take part in the bandcontest for "die festung rockt" the band will take part in the festival, where the audience will decide who will perform.

But the five also do a lot together outside of rehearsals: trips to the musikhaus thomann, visits to the "rock im park" festival or simply having a barbecue together. "We've not only become bandmates, but also friends in our private lives", emphasizes mehlhase.

What's behind the name

Finding a name has been the most difficult thing for the newcomers so far. It took ages, they reveal. "I'd rather work on new songs than look for a name again", jokes mehlhase. But how did they come up with "vitamin B"?? In colloquial language, the term refers to contacts and relationships that help someone professionally or privately. And it is precisely through these "contacts" that the five guys came together – sanger jannik muller found the band through a facebook appeal, who later brought kevin klenner into the fold.

Rough motivation

This "vitamin B helped them make their first appearance, as fabian's grandfather organized the "1000 herzen fur kronach" event with alignment. They also recently got the chance to record a professional studio session in leipzig and got a gig at the weinstube in kronach – all through contacts.

The motivation of the newcomers is there, because they rehearse at least twice a week and are already working on new songs. "The goal is definitely to make a living from music at some point", tells guitarist adrian triebner.

There are "no upper limits" to your dreams for the future," says burkert-mazur says, and singer jannik muller interjects: "rock im park would have been cool at some point!"


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