Intoxicant with in the pack

Intoxicant with in the pack

On saturday evening, officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police proved they had the right scent on the A 3. During the check of a four-headed travel group from southern bavaria, they were able to seize a good 18 grams of amphetamine and just under one gram of marijuana.

Around 23.15 o’clock the audi came into the sight of the patrol in the area of the rest area haidt. During the search of a 22-year-old from the unterallgau district, the investigators quickly found what they were looking for. In his backpack they discovered two pressure lock bags with the amphetamine. In addition, the search of his companion, who was two years younger, revealed a small bag of marijuana that he had put in his pocket.

There was a further search success near geiselwind on the A 3. On friday afternoon, a freeway police patrol checked a car with a hungarian registration. A switchblade knife was discovered and seized in the process.

Also near geiselwind on friday morning, a patrol car with a trailer caught the eye of a police officer. This vehicle overtook in the section there in the overtaking ban. The officials also noted that the driver is only in possession of a class B driver’s license. He had additionally needed class E to drive with the team. For this reason, criminal proceedings were initiated against the man for driving without a license. Since there was no substitute driver, the continuation of the journey with the trailer was stopped.


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