In veilbronn, love comes from cooking

In veilbronn, love comes from cooking

Lovebirds don't fly through the kitchen. No sweetheart here, no sweetheart there. Cuddling by the stove? No way! The kitchen is humming too much for that. "But for us, love goes through the stomach", marcus muller admits and winks out of the corner of his eye at his lifeline jessica geibler. "With us anyway", says jessica, whom everyone only affectionately calls "jess" call, and jerks out while kneading the noodle dough with the acquaintance story.

"On our first date we went out for strawberries. At the pavilion in heiligenstadt. Until late at night, tells jess and beams, while marcus starts the noodle machine. "At that time, the country inn in veilbronn was not yet for sale. Three quarters of a year later, I took over the restaurant", marcus tells us and laughs, slightly disappointed. It's not just the hours of rest at the stove that pass in front of the mind's eye. "It wasn't always easy. Since 2010, we've already been through all kinds of things", says the 25-year-old marcus and also tells of bitter days. Especially in winter, sometimes a snowflake is enough to make guests shy away from the wildly romantic leidingshofer valley.

The beautiful seclusion
Veilbronn is not located on the highway. This is a curse and a blessing at the same time. The gentleness, the seclusion. "The rest to cook creatively!", says the future cake master and is now beaming from the bottom of his heart. "In addition to the à la carte dishes, today we also offer a small, gentle menu. For the first course we have cucumber ravioli with a cucumber consomme. And we are doing it now", says marcus while jess rolls out the pasta dough. "There's a good trick: just run the pasta dough through the machine a few times. Then the dough is guaranteed to be absolutely smooth."

From the pasta dough, which has been rolled out in a thin layer (this works better with four hands than with two), circles are cut out. "Now we prepare the stuffing: chop the onions finely, blanch the cucumber strips briefly and add to the onions with the rapsol in the pan, then add pink pepper and sea salt, after two minutes fry the curry spice briefly with it. I then add a little garlic oil and flavor everything with a little lime juice. Et voilà. Jess the filling is ready", says marcus and the sweetheart rushes over. Gives the currant filling in delicate blobs on the pasta circle.

"And then we have such a noodle maker here. It's really good", says jess and folds the dumplings with the little miracle device in no time at all. "We serve the ravioli in a clear cucumber soup. It is important that the soup boils for at least three hours on the lowest flame. Then strain the liquid through a cloth. The consomme is ready." Then marcus gets down to the main course. Duck breast. Pink roasted. On cornpuree. With hazelnut potato noodles.

"I am the sube in the kuche. For dessert I make french macarons", jess says and then gives her marcus a big kiss in the kitchen. Mmmwah!


currant ravioli

for the pasta dough:
150 grams of flour
150 grams of semolina
2 eggs
pinch of salt

for the filling:
1 onion
half cucurbits (depending on coarseness)
curry spice
pink pepper
sea salt

finely dice the onion. Oil in the pan. Marcus muller takes rapsol. Cut the cucurbits into small pieces and blanch them briefly in salted water. Then add to the onions in the pan. Saute briefly. Pink pepper, curry and salt to it. Roll out the pasta dough and cut out circles or squares. Ravioli with fullung folds. Cook briefly.
Toss in heifer butter.


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