Hoeneb: heynckes stays even in case of victory

Hoeneb: heynckes stays even in case of victory

"Jupp heynckes will also be our coach next year. Jupp is not one to fly the flag out of emotion. His character doesn’t allow that at all," hoeneb told the "suddeutsche zeitung". In the interview, the president once again stressed the importance of a success on saturday as a high point in the club’s history.

"In the overall package in any case. That would certainly be the greatest thing that can be achieved in club football. We have always said here internally: for this final game we would leave everything else behind. It was just insanely unlikely that we would actually get there," described hoeneb. "It’s the highlight in the history of FC bayern. When you consider how many rough moments FC bayern has experienced, that almost says it all."

This week, however, the munich team was and still is rebuilding after the 2:5 loss in the DFB cup final against borussia dortmund. "I was indeed of the opinion before the cup final that it would be important to play with a broad chest against chelsea. It’s different now, but believe me, the whole club will be working this week to rebuild our team’s confidence," hoeneb said.

The long-serving manager warned against the sixth-placed team in the table from england. "Chelsea is a team with its back to the wall because of its mixed season in the league. If they lose this final, they won’t be in the champions league next year, and we all know what that means for a club like chelsea FC. So if anyone thinks it’s ‘a gmahde wiesn’ – another bavarian expression – on saturday, that is, if anyone thinks we’ve already won: they’ve certainly made a mistake," the 60-year-old emphasized.

The referee of the game does not give a good omen. 41-year-old portuguese pedro proenca, who has also been nominated for the european championships in poland and ukraine, has made 15 appearances for the konigsklasse so far, twice in games for FC bayern. In november 2009, he blew the whistle for the 0:2 against girondins bordeaux in the allianz arena, and one and a half years later (march 2011) for the 2:3 against inter milan in the same place.

In "sport bild," chairman karl-heinz rummenigge once again looked back on a turning point in the almost completed league season. "When i think about what happened between basel and madrid today: that’s dramatic, that was the end of our unstable phase," rummenigge said. "Jupp heynckes has conveyed to the team what FC bayern means: that you also have to give away a piece of your ego here, for the good of the club."


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