Heinrich schulz reaches the age of 90

Heinrich Schulz from steinbach am wald has reached his 90th birthday. Celebrated his birthday. "Happiness, contentment and faith in god" for the jubilarian, the three most important pillars of his fulfilled life are the following. He enjoys very good health even at an advanced age and celebrated together with his wife ruth, his children rosemarie, christian and thomas. Seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren complete the descendants.

Schulz comes from schweinitz in lower silesia. During his escape with his father, he came to dresden, where he luckily survived the bombing during the second world war. In the end he found refuge in teuschnitz. There he finished his apprenticeship as a hairdresser.

In his profession he first worked in hinwill (switzerland), there he also met his wife ruth. In 1955 his father called him back to frankenwald, where he worked in hablach/T. Ran a hairdressing salon. Two years later he successfully passed the master's examination. Until a few years ago, he was still looking after his loyal customers at the company in steinbach, which is now run by his son christian. The good contact and the cordial relationship with his customers, who appreciate his humorous vein, are the main reasons for his satisfaction.

In his free time, the jubilarian devotes himself to art. Olge paintings and charcoal drawings are the result of his hobby.

Schulz is also a member of the fire department association, which is why chairman frank hirschbock conveyed the congratulations of his comrades. District administrator klaus loffler and mayor thomas loffler congratulated him in person.

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