Heavily pregnant duchess kate in hospital with contractions

The birth of the first child of prince william and his wife duchess kate is imminent: heavily pregnant kate arrived at the hospital on monday morning. She has gone into labor and is in an early stage of birth, the palace announced. She and her husband had been taken to the hospital by car.

The 31-year-old lies in the maternity ward in a private wing of st mary’s hospital in london, as previously planned. William (31) himself, son of heir to the throne prince charles and princess diana, was also born there. According to the BBC, william’s birth had taken about 16 hours.

Media and royal fans had been waiting for days for news of kate’s arrival at the hospital. Officially, the palace had never given an exact date of birth. It was only said that the child was expected in july. Media had speculated about a date in mid-july and assumed on monday that the royal baby was slightly delayed.

The child will move to third in line to the british throne, regardless of gender, according to new laws – even if it is a daughter and has a brother after her. According to a palace spokesman, kate and william did not want to know beforehand whether their first child would be a girl or a boy.

The team of doctors looking after kate includes the former gynecologist to britain’s queen elizabeth II., marcus setchell. The queen’s current gynecologist, alan farthing, is also there. In front of the hospital’s private wing, the so-called lindo-wings, media from all over the world have been setting up cameras for weeks, some of them reporting live.

After the birth of the child must first be informed, among others, the british queen and prime minister david cameron. According to tradition, a notice is then to be hung outside the gates of buckingham palace in london.


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