Grateful listener

Michael memmel he who seeks, finds. Rosemarie stohr can now confidently apply the quote from the sermon on the mount to herself. The 81-year-old from bamberg, according to her own statement, adheres exactly to the corona rules and wears a mask regularly. This also presents the senior citizen with difficulties when – with a walking stick in one hand and a shopping bag in the other – she wants to take off her mask when leaving a store. And it was on just such an occasion that she recently lost her horgerat, which she had only been wearing for three months.

So began an intensive search, in which a neighbor and another lady participated, but which ultimately remained unsuccessful. In the end, rosemarie stohr understood her acoustician, her ear doctor and the lost-and-found office. In the meantime, the device has been discovered. The path led via the manufacturing company to the acoustician and ultimately back to mrs. Stohr: "the relief was enormous."

But the search goes on – no longer for the horgerat, but for its finder. The lady who picked up the machine in the city center a few years ago did not want to leave her name and address. It is a matter of course to give up the equipment. Now rosemarie stohr can’t say thank you, which is a major concern for her. Because, as she writes to the FT editorial team, "I have not only been lucky, but in these difficult times for all of us, there are many people who are willing to help. Thank you!"

Seek and you shall find – in this case perhaps among the FT readers? Let’s hope that the dankeschon so still arrives at the right one.

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