Goingose-step to the whitsun festival

Goingose-Step to the Whitsun Festival

The historical konigsberg civic guard is the soul of konigsberg's sense of tradition. It is the smallest common denominator of the konigsberg burghers beyond the boundaries of their associations, carrying within it the urban self-understanding of the former exclave of the duchy of saxony-coburg-gotha. Burghers who participate in the command of this tradition not only exercise a privilege, but also commit themselves to the preservation of the custom in particular.
The festive procession of the citizen's guard on the tuesday after pentecost is a solemn highlight for the citizens of konigsberg and for guests from near and far every year. In order to prepare for this march, which takes place under the critical eyes of many observers, a rehearsal procession is held every year on ascension day. On pentecost tuesday, all the commands, turns, marching and the whole performance should succeed.
Therefore, on thursday, there was a drill on the pale dam in front of the gates of the old town of konigsberg. Not only the march past the captain in goose step was practiced, but also twists, turns, rifle grips and everything else that is necessary for a successful march on whit tuesday. A little over 80 manner took part in the rehearsal procession.
Captain manfred barfub took a very critical look at it. Satisfied he was exercising his gun grips and turns. All in all, however, many of the marchers lacked a certain body tension that belongs to a parade march: "marching by at a walking pace looks mediocre". It is better to march with body tension than without it." At whitsun, he asked, this should be done better. All in all, however, he said: "everything was going too well"!"

Criticism and incentive

He was not satisfied with the number of participants in the march, which is a jerky one. An appeal was therefore made to those at home to participate more in the tradition.
The successes were announced at the state demonstration of the association of historical burgher and rural armies in bavaria in september 2017. At the team shove for the challenge cup of the house wittelsbach the team burgerwehr I (manfred michalowicz, detlef bartesch and andre kamphausen) won the first place again. The challenge cup will remain in konigsberg until the next national parade in september 2018. The team burgerwehr II (manfred barfub, udo merz and peter schuler) finished on the fourth place. The next national rally will be held on saturday, 29. September, in habfurt. The organizer is the burgerwehr 1848 konigsberg. On the final walk through the old town, the burgerwehr passed the burgermeister claus bittenbrunn in goose step. The cosy finale took place on the marketplace.
The foundation of the konigsbergers dates back to the revolutionary year of 1848. The people of konigsberg never intervened in the fight against the nobility, but the tradition has been preserved. The burgerwehr is considered today as a sign of the citizens who demand democracy and rights.


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