Gang rape in rimini: suspects arrested

Police have arrested four suspects after a sensational rape in the italian resort of rimini.

Three of the manneres are still minors, authorities said on sunday. The fourth, a 20-year-old, is said to be the alleged main perpetrator.

The officials had caught him at the train station of rimini on the east coast of the country. "He tried to escape by train", reported the police.

The manner is said to have attacked a few

The men are accused of having committed a crime in the early morning hours of 26. August to have attacked a polish couple. They had beaten the man and raped the woman. Later they also raped a transgender prostitute from peru.

The first two suspects, two moroccan brothers aged 15 and 16, had turned themselves in to police on saturday. They are already known to the authorities for theft and drug offenses. According to media reports, they subsequently helped police apprehend the other two, including a 17-year-old nigerian man. The 20-year-old main suspect is said to be a congolese national.

The two brothers "could no longer bear the weight of their dramatic and violent actions", the police reported, rimini police chief maurizio improta told reporters.

The reports caused a stir in the italian public and stirred up xenophobic resentment. The head of the right-wing populist lega nord, matteo salvini, demanded on facebook that the suspects, if found guilty, should be chemically castrated and forcibly returned to their countries of origin.

After the incident, polish deputy justice minister patryk jaki tweeted that the death penalty should be reinstated. "For these animals there should be the death penalty", jaki wrote there. At a press conference later, he stressed that his demand did not reflect the government’s or the justice ministry’s point of view.


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