Fuchsstadt does not want to be abstinent anymore

ASV rimpar – FC fuchsstadt (sunday, 3 p.M.) can the fuchses (13./11) stopping the downward trend of the last few weeks? They managed just one point in four games – in the youngest draw in the derby against DJK schwebenried/schwemmelsbach. Against ASV rimpar (7./14) the balance sheet should improve. "Playing against rimpar has never been an easy task for us, says FC coach martin halbig. "In the past season we have gone down there without a sound with 0:4; at home we have rescued a point with the 1:1 by the skin of our teeth." What makes the sunday afternoon match even more difficult is the current form of the hosts, who after a weak start to the season – after three matchdays the asv team still occupied a relegation place – have worked their way up in recent weeks. The eight new recruits seem to be integrated. Most recently, rimpar celebrated a 1-0 victory in the county derby against the home-strong hochbergers. It was attested to them a compact defensive performance, coupled with quickly presented counterattacks.

Covering as a showpiece

That the cover line is the showpiece of harald funsch’s eleven is proven by the statistics. In nine games, they have conceded only eleven goals, half as many as the halbig team (23). For this, the offensive output turns out to be surprisingly meager. Ten goals are on the books, scored almost single-handedly by current league goalkeeper dominik halbig (9). But the coach’s son hasn’t been as accurate lately either. He and his teammates created a lot of chances, but some of them were sorely missed. Or there were posts or latte in the way. In addition, there were bloopers like that of the young keeper tayrell kruppa in the last home game. "At the moment we are not right in terms of output and output", analyzes martin halbig. "But it’s not the attitude that’s the problem; the training participation is good, everyone is in the starting lineup."

Plehn and lieb are missing

In rimpar, marcel plehn is missing for professional reasons and lukas lieb, who is on vacation. "Our primary goal must be to get into the game by fighting, to take on the opponent’s two-fighting strength and to eliminate their most successful attacker, philipp loew, who has scored four goals so far", so the demand and hope of halbig.


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