Fruit and table music in the konigshof kindergarten

It was, as wolfgang fuchs told the children, a musical dinner for eyes, ears, noses and tongues. The sweet tooth, the sweet tooth and the naughty fruit can taste different kinds of fruit and vegetables
get to know the music, prepare it in a bite-sized way and finally eat it like at a royal dinner with musical accompaniment. Wolfgang fuchs not only played the violin, but also passed on the relevant information to the children.

The children learned that the carrot contains vitamin A, which is very healthy, but also that in the past, such table music was played at court ceremonies, as with kings and princes. The children could feel transported back to that time. Wolfgang fuchs first presented various types of fruit and awarded prizes accordingly.

So he put among other things "paul onion" before and gave information about it. Then he took the violin in his hand and played table music by wolfgang amadeus mozart. The musician then asked the children to come forward and dare to dance: "take each other by the hand and dance to my melody"." Only a few of the children dared to do so and followed his request.

Vitamins are healthy
Then they were allowed to sit down again at the tables, where there was fresh fruit on the plates, and every now and then even fuchs took a bite and tried the tasty things. In passing, he explained to the youngest children what fruit is and what it is all about. That in the fruit are many vitamins, which in turn are healthy and therefore are also on the plates.

The idea for this morning was born at the concert of the thuringian chamber orchestra in bad konigshofen a few weeks ago. The head of the kindergarten in bad konigshofen, karin schneider, recalled a conversation with wolfgang fuchs, who spoke of the cultural offer, especially for kindergarten. Since cultural activities are a high priority at the konigshof kindergarten anyway, an invitation was extended to wolfgang fuchs from the sudthuringian chamber orchestra.

Variety of offerings
The offerings are diverse and range from an excursion into the world of classical music to the story of the rabbits who have to go to school to become real easter bunnies. It was about mice and winter, about cheeky little fruits or even about colors and pictures or the history of wartburg and saint elizabeth. In the kindergarten in bad konigshofen, the focus was on fruit and vegetables, which was the subject of 45 minutes of music and conversation.

In this context, karin schneider thanked the parents' council of the kindergarten association. He had taken over the costs. Karin schneider, however, also refers to theater trips in this context. "These have been part of our program for several years and are very well received." Next up is a trip to the sudthuringian state theater in meiningen in december. There is the play "the little hobbit" in the chamber plays on the playbill. This is a fantasy tale. This march is the prequel to the novel and the famous film "the lord of the rings."


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