Easter vacations begin – roadworks threaten travel traffic jams here

Easter vacations begin - roadworks threaten travel traffic jams here

When bavarian schoolchildren start their easter vacations today, there is a danger of traffic jams on the highways again. Patience is the order of the day. Some rough highways passed through france, some of which were very busy with construction work.

Danger of traffic jams due to roadworks on the A3

On the a3 between wertheim and helmstadt the freeway is being widened to six lanes. Here the traffic is braked by a construction site on a long one of 5.7 kilometers to 80 km/h.

The A3 between schlusselfeld and wiesentheid is also being widened. Here, traffic is also slowed down to 80 km/h.

A6 is being widened – traffic jams are possible

between nurnberg-sud and nurnberg-east, obstructions are highly probable. Here, the A6 is being widened to six lanes. Traffic will be slowed down to 80 km/h.
The A6 is also being widened between schwabach-west and roth. Here, too, severe obstructions are possible. The construction site here is about 6 kilometers long, the speed is reduced to 80 km/h.

Bridge construction on the A73

On the A73 from suhl in the direction of nurnberg there is bridge construction work between zapfendorf and breitengubbach-nord. One lane is closed because of this, the speed is reduced to 80 km/h.

In the opposite direction, also between breitengubbach-nord and zapfendorf, one lane is eliminated. Also here applies speed 80.

Traffic jam etiquette:what drivers should not do in traffic jams

In case of emergency a rescue lane must be cleared. In case of non-observance a fine of 20 euro will be due. Drivers are not allowed to reach for their cell phones without hands-free equipment even when the engine is running. Otherwise 60 euros fine and a point in flensburg will be due.

Entering the roadway is forbidden. It is only allowed in case of emergency when securing an accident site. The performance of the emergency or the diaper of a child do not fall under it. Here threatens a fine of 10 euro. If vehicles are in the left lane or are not driving faster than 60 km/h, it is allowed to overtake on the right side. However, at most 20 km/h faster than the cars on the left roll. When the cars are stationary, you can pass them on the right at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Otherwise there is a 100 euro fine and a point in flensburg.

Bikers are not allowed to pass between the cars. Otherwise you will have to pay a fine of 100 euros and receive a penalty point. 75 euro fine and one point in flensburg risk, who drives past the traffic jam on the shoulder to the next exit or the next parking lot. Turning or reversing is generally prohibited. In addition to fines and points, a driving ban is also to be expected. Exception: the police calls for this.


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