Driving lesson ends in mud

Surely a 37-year-old meant well when he wanted to give his fiancee a driving lesson on sunday afternoon. At around 2 p.M., he drove with her to the rough parking lot of a shopping center in ketschendorfer strabe.

He should have refrained from even this trip: it later turned out that he had 2.2 per mille of alcohol in his bloodstream. In the parking lot, the couple then swapped seats in the opel. Apparently completely inexperienced in dealing with motor vehicles, the 23-year-old woman stalled the corsa at the first attempt to drive off.

Lost control

The second one should work better with more momentum. With full throttle and abruptly let out the clutch, the little car shot off. The fiancee, who does not even have a driver's license, completely lost control over the vehicle. It left the surface of the parking lot, thundered over a curb and slid down the adjacent embankment. There the opel got stuck with its nose deep in the mud.

The impact injured the "illegal driving instructor" on the passenger seat slightly on the head. He had to be taken to coburg hospital by the ambulance service. The opel was pulled out of the mud by a towing service. The two engaged couples are now facing a whole series of charges. The property damage caused was about 3000 euros.


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