Cemetery toilet is fully visible there

Cemetery toilet is fully visible there

Anyone who visits the groblangheimer cemetery and feels an urgent need can now be helped in a hurry. Since monday there is a handicapped accessible toilet in the corner next to the garbage collector.

First wait and see what the burgers say
At the meeting on tuesday evening, the market town council was not yet in complete agreement about the final location and whether a privacy screen should make the somewhat colorful toilet more inconspicuous. "We will wait for the reaction of the cemetery visitors and then act", proposed mayor karl hochner (CSU) and received unanimous support from the council.

With humorous words he had announced the installation of the toilet: "we now have a turquoise-colored building with a possibility of diarrhea in the cemetery". That the bells should have rung when the house arrived in the cemetery "belongs, however, in the realm of rumors", as one council member said.

"Nobody dares to go there"
In any case, the majority of the council was of the opinion that a kind of facing should be installed around the toilet "because it is simply conspicuous and somewhat unaesthetic", how it was heard. Another statement was "that no one would dare to go to the toilet during a funeral if the thing is so bare".

Currently, the site is between the refuse collection point and the water basin on the south wall, as the site on the north side of the refuse container is too far away for emptying: "according to the disposal company, the hose is only five meters long", informed the mayor. In the council, the majority of nine votes to three was in favor, in the next meeting "after the testimony of the burghers" to decide whether the WC will still be veneered.


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