Hoeneb: heynckes stays even in case of victory

Hoeneb: heynckes stays even in case of victory

"Jupp heynckes will also be our coach next year. Jupp is not one to fly the flag out of emotion. His character doesn’t allow that at all," hoeneb told the "suddeutsche zeitung". In the interview, the president once again stressed the importance of a success on saturday as a high point in the club’s history.

"In the overall package in any case. That would certainly be the greatest thing that can be achieved in club football. We have always said here internally: for this final game we would leave everything else behind. It was just insanely unlikely that we would actually get there," described hoeneb. "It’s the highlight in the history of FC bayern. When you consider how many rough moments FC bayern has experienced, that almost says it all."

Tuchel before the final: bayern is “the highest level”

Tuchel before the final: bayern is 'the highest level'

The former coach of bundesliga clubs borussia dortmund and FSV mainz 05 said that the german soccer record champions had enjoyed a "unique run" under hansi flick.

Bayern are "the highest level in europe," said tuchel on saturday evening in lisbon. "It’s going to be a tough job. But we feel prepared," said the 46-year-old tuchel, looking ahead to sunday’s match (21.00 o’clock) at the estadio da luz.

A spirit of optimism for the anniversary: dhb celebrates 100 years of handball

a spirit of optimism for the anniversary: dhb celebrates 100 years of handball

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of handball in germany, the DHB is planning to move into modern times.

At the association’s own federal convention this saturday, not only the re-election of president andreas michelmann is on the agenda, but above all the adoption of the "perspective 2020+" reform package. "We want to radically restructure the german handball association to become better, faster and more successful," michelmann said. The modernization and professionalization of the DHB should bring one thing above all in the future: even more success.

Giant forest fire near berlin

Giant forest fire near berlin

Because of a huge forest fire about 50 kilometers from the city limits of berlin, about 600 people have had to leave their brandenburg villages. Three places in an area south of potsdam were evacuated.

On thursday evening already burned a flat as roughly as 400 football fields. The roughest spot on fire is one kilometer wide and three kilometers long, according to the emergency services. Besides hours more places in flames, said a spokesman for the brandenburg police department west.

Bvn sets sights on eighth finals

Bvn sets sights on eighth finals

Dark cushion, broad chest – borussia dortmund goes into the tricky european league second leg on thursday (21) with increased confidence.05 a.M.) at atalanta bergamo.

After eight matches in the german national league without a defeat, peter stoger is confident that his team will also be able to turn things around on the international stage and make it to the eighth finals. "The starting situation is not so bad," said the coach, referring to the narrow 3:2 win in the first leg a week earlier. "We have shown in recent weeks that we are hard to beat. I am quite relaxed."