Strullendorf gets flexi classes in the elementary school

Strullendorf gets flexi classes in the elementary school

The strullendorf school will be the first elementary school in the bamberg district to offer flexible classes. The "flexible elementary school" concept – the new school system, which started as a pilot project in bavaria in 2010, provides for teaching to be geared to the different talents and learning requirements of elementary school students: in concrete terms, this means that students can complete the first two grades in one, two or even three years.

Classes are taught in mixed-grade groups with learning opportunities specially adapted to the diversity of the children. This is how principal dieter weinsheimer presented the project to the strullendorf town council. Since the school – together with the state education authority – decides autonomously, but the municipality as the responsible authority has to agree, weinsheimer informed the committee together with the director of the education authority, barbara pflaum, about the current development.

Trebgast delegation narrowly misses rough success

Awarding of the "1. German daycare award in berlin – and trebgast was there. Not as spectators, but as one of ten finalists in the category "local alliance for early education of the year 2018". A jury of 16 experts had chosen the winners only the night before.
To say it in advance: it was not enough for the very, very top. Only a few points separated the trebgas castle network from receiving one of the five prizes in its category. Nevertheless, it was not a trip for the trebasters that could be classified as "nothing but expenses" will be filed.
The new federal minister for family affairs franziska giffey put it in a nutshell in her laudation: "there are no losers today. They are all winners today." This was also the opinion of the seven-headed trebgaster delegation.
Mayor werner diersch was not disappointed: "we were attracted by the call for entries and the selection as one of the ten finalists confirmed that we are well on the way with our community." A total of over 1642 daycare centers took part in the competition.

The needs decide

In her opening speech, the patron of the german children and youth foundation, elke budenbender, emphasized the importance of daycare centers. The finalists’ contributions made it clear that successful concepts cannot be created on a drawing board, but are always a response by professionals to local peculiarities, opportunities and challenges – and above all to the needs of children, which are different everywhere.
The "german daycare award" adventure had started for trebgast in july 2017, when mayor werner diersch nominated the burgernetzwerk of his municipality as an applicant for the competition "local early learning alliance of the year 2018" registered. The aim of the competition is to honor daycare centers and alliances that continuously work to improve the quality of early education in their immediate environment, placing the children’s perspective at the center of their efforts. At the end of september, the first success message arrived from berlin: "congratulations!. Your alliance convinced us in the first application phase and is one of the 15 nominees." In november, diersch was interviewed in detail about the individual points of the application. The second piece of good news came in mid-december: "trebgast is the only alliance from bavaria to enter the final round of ten finalists.
In january, a commission from berlin visited trebgast to find out about the work of the castle network. In march, a berlin team finally shot a short film in the daycare center and the school.

When the dukes were very interested in china

When the dukes were very interested in china

There is a new exhibition in the foyer of the coburg state library. By 25. August the show "paths to ‘cathay’: travelogues and regional studies on china from the book collections of the coburg dukes" will take place shown.
The coburg dukes were passionate book collectors. In a time without photography, cinema, television and the internet, books about foreign countries were extremely popular. Since the 16. And 17. In the 18th century, europe’s view of the world gradually opened up, and during the. In the eighteenth century, reports on travels to china and information about the country and its people in the faraway middle kingdom belonged in the library of the educated european.
For the first time, the coburg state library is showing a selection of works with a connection to china that belonged mainly to coburg noblemen and duchesses. They date from the 16. Until the beginning of the 19. Century. The oldest piece on display is even older and once belonged to the coburg chancellor johann conrad von scheres called zieritz (1641-1704), who was an appraiser in nearby wiesenfeld. This manuscript, written on parchment around 1500, contains a top title of the middle ages: the copy of a german version of the probably invented travels of johann von mandeville. Supposedly he was in 1322, the time of marco polo, up to "cathay" (china and southeast asia) reached.
Another highlight in the exhibition developed by the two china scholars dorothee schaab-hanke and martin hanke is the hand-colored edition of the "novus atlas sinensis by the italian jesuit martino martini (1614-1661).
The exhibition is open to the public during the opening hours of the coburg state library: mondays to thursdays from 10 a.M. To 5 p.M.; fridays and saturdays from 10 a.M. To 1 p.M. During the bavarian school vacations the museum is open from monday to friday from 10 a.M. To 1 p.M.


Parents save son – lungs-live transplantation gurgled

Parents save son - lungs-live transplantation gurgled

"The decision was immediately clear to us," the mother of marius, who is now twelve years old, said on wednesday at the hannover medical school (MHH). There was the operation of several hours in april, 15 surgeons were involved.

According to the MHH, this is germany’s first living lung transplant from two donors. The boy suffers from cystic fibrosis, a disease of the arteries in which excessive bodily fluids clog the organs.

Schimmer attacks again

Schimmer attacks again

Gerd schimmer is back on the bench. The 49-year-old from bamberg has – as reported – taken over the regional league team SV memmelsdorf. He has a youth elite license, has been active as a coach for 26 years and has achieved three promotions with men’s teams. With FC strullendorf, he twice made it to the landesliga (2006 and 2012), and in 2015 he took DJK don bosco to the bayernliga. In the 2017/18 season, he coached the u16s of spvgg greuther furth. "Now I’m back at SV memmelsdorf after a good six-month break", says schimmer, teacher at the trimberg school, in an interview.

You are the new coach at SV memmelsdorf. How did it happen?

Munnerstadt: now it’s the turn of the strawberries

They have taken into consideration. At first, the kleinwenkheim volunteer fire department was supposed to be able to celebrate its 140th anniversary, but now it’s time to get started. From tuesday 21. May, will be built on the local connection road fridritt – kleinwenkheim, including the inner-local fridritter road in kleinwenkheim. And not only there. "In total, there are eleven lots at a cost of 650,000 euros", says frank braun from the braun planning office.

Everything is already prepared: the road and the footpaths are marked with signs indicating what needs to be done there. When the construction machines start moving in on tuesday, the village square at the old school will serve as a parking lot and storage area for materials, says local councilor ralf verholen (freie wahler).

Laura beyfub from eltingshausen is the first ihk-certified speaker in the region

Laura beyfub from eltingshausen is the first ihk-certified speaker in the region

Since february, the 27-year-old in eltingshausen is now the only IHK-certified freelance orator between fulda and wurzburg for auberkirchliche weddings or funeral ceremonies and children’s welcome parties as a secular substitute for baptism.

Free speakers should be interested in their fellow human beings, beyfub is convinced. "I must be able to listen to bride and groom or survivors." This involves a high level of empathy. But self-confidence and professionalism are also required. "At such an important celebration you must be able to rely on the speaker."

Weibenbrunn schoolchildren are pioneers

Weibenbrunn elementary school is the first elementary school in upper franconia to join the "school without racism – school with courage" network was recorded. During a concert at the lake in the front yard of the elementary school this award was handed over.

The prerequisite for this was a self-commitment of the teachers and the entire school family, this was submitted to the network and now one received the award for being accepted into the network. Sabine gerstner from the bezirksjugendring oberfranken congratulated on this acceptance and title award, which is tied to two conditions: first, you need a written commitment and second, a sponsor.