Bad bruckenau: old hand in new position

53-year-old thomas voth, who began his training with the eichstatt riot police in 1983, has worked at numerous police stations throughout his career. Airport police munich-riem, border police prasidium, highway police oberthulba or traffic inspection werneck were just a few of the stations in the process. In april 2012 he came to bad bruckenau. "The town on the river sinn has been a bit of a pussycat for me up to now", the official remembers the initial period. But that changed very quickly "because the cooperation with the new colleagues as well as with the responsible persons in the town hall immediately worked out very well".

For head of inspection herbert markert, it was important when filling the post "to have someone at my side who already knows the job of deputy". With his many years of experience, voth was the right man for the job, who is not only respected by all the employees at the office, but is also often asked for advice. In this way, the transfer of knowledge among each other has also functioned without any unnecessary friction losses.

Price slump pushes nordzucker into the red

Price slump pushes nordzucker into the red

The year before, the balance sheet showed a profit of 118 million euros. Sales slumped by 18 percent year on year to 1.35 billion euros. A dividend is not to be poured out this time. The company also expects to make a loss in the new fiscal year, but is counting on prices rising again in the medium term.

In the first full year after the end of the EU quota system, the market situation was characterized by significant overproduction within the EU and on the world market as well as fierce competition at historically low prices, the company announced on thursday. The company sees production increases in india and thailand, in particular, as a result of government subsidies.

In veilbronn, love comes from cooking

In veilbronn, love comes from cooking

Lovebirds don't fly through the kitchen. No sweetheart here, no sweetheart there. Cuddling by the stove? No way! The kitchen is humming too much for that. "But for us, love goes through the stomach", marcus muller admits and winks out of the corner of his eye at his lifeline jessica geibler. "With us anyway", says jessica, whom everyone only affectionately calls "jess" call, and jerks out while kneading the noodle dough with the acquaintance story.

"On our first date we went out for strawberries. At the pavilion in heiligenstadt. Until late at night, tells jess and beams, while marcus starts the noodle machine. "At that time, the country inn in veilbronn was not yet for sale. Three quarters of a year later, I took over the restaurant", marcus tells us and laughs, slightly disappointed. It's not just the hours of rest at the stove that pass in front of the mind's eye. "It wasn't always easy. Since 2010, we've already been through all kinds of things", says the 25-year-old marcus and also tells of bitter days. Especially in winter, sometimes a snowflake is enough to make guests shy away from the wildly romantic leidingshofer valley.

Great spas of europe: the new member of the unesco team in bad kissingen

Great spas of europe: the new member of the unesco team in Bad Kissingen

The road to the title of unesco world heritage site is long and takes a lot of planning. But the time after that also had to be well organized. To think about how bad kissingen should develop, there is now anna maria boll. The art historian and monument conservator has been working in the unesco project team in the culture department since february. As a so-called site manager, she takes care of everything related to bad kissingen as part of a later world heritage site great spas of europe. "The site manager is where all the threads come together. Anna maria boll is there to transport the world heritage into the future. She clarifies the question: how do we live world heritage?? And: she must have the whole picture in mind, moderate detailed questions", explains unesco project manager and cultural officer peter weidisch.

Experience with the great spas

Born in frankfurt, she found her way to bad kissingen after studying art history, romance languages and literature, and monument preservation in bamberg. "I got involved in the unesco project pretty much straight away", she tells. From january 2018 to january 2020, she worked on the great spas of europe application for the bavarian state office for the preservation of historic monuments and for the city of bamberg. She was the spokesperson for the german group for a year.

Win free tickets for the second adventure of percy jackson

Although percy saved the world and has supernatural powers as the son of the greek sea god poseidon, he does not feel like a hero. On the contrary. He has more doubts that maybe it was all just a coincidence.

But percy doesn't have much time to think, because the demigod camp is in danger! The protective wall of the camp is broken and a horde of mythical monsters threatens to destroy the camp. And the demigods should be exterminated in this way as well.

New sign for the ebern parish church

New sign for the ebern parish church

When someone like gunter lipp is up to something, it usually involves a lot of work. So now again, as the home keeper from frickendorf for replacement on the facade of the city parish church st. Laurentius in ebern cares. Lipp and his wife beate have donated a new memorial plaque for the house of god.

The old sign from the 70's was weathered and on top of that contained "a big spelling mistake", says the former seminary director. An adjective had been roughly written. The lipps love to have a new panel made by a specialist company in schweinfurt. On a hand-driven copper tablet, the text is written in capitals. A new mistake with the coarse and small letters is thus ruled out in any case.

Intoxicant with in the pack

Intoxicant with in the pack

On saturday evening, officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police proved they had the right scent on the A 3. During the check of a four-headed travel group from southern bavaria, they were able to seize a good 18 grams of amphetamine and just under one gram of marijuana.

Around 23.15 o’clock the audi came into the sight of the patrol in the area of the rest area haidt. During the search of a 22-year-old from the unterallgau district, the investigators quickly found what they were looking for. In his backpack they discovered two pressure lock bags with the amphetamine. In addition, the search of his companion, who was two years younger, revealed a small bag of marijuana that he had put in his pocket.

Sabine dittmar remains deputy chairwoman of the spd district association of lower franconia

Sabine dittmar, member of the bundestag, district councillor and market town councillor, remains deputy chairwoman of the SPD district association of lower franconia. At the district party conference in stockstadt near aschaffenburg, she achieved by far the best result of all five deputy chairmen with 80 of 88 possible delegate votes.

Other deputies are state parliament members martina fehlner (aschaffenburg, 68 votes) and volkmar halbleib (68), schonung municipal councilor markus humpfer (70) and marktheidenfeld municipal politician pamela nembach (73). Chairman of the district association with its 6200 members remains the friendly member of the bundestag bernd rutzel. Delegates from the district of bad kissingen also attended the party conference, which was held under strict security conditions imposed by the health authorities because of the corona pandemic.