Driving lesson ends in mud

Surely a 37-year-old meant well when he wanted to give his fiancee a driving lesson on sunday afternoon. At around 2 p.M., he drove with her to the rough parking lot of a shopping center in ketschendorfer strabe.

He should have refrained from even this trip: it later turned out that he had 2.2 per mille of alcohol in his bloodstream. In the parking lot, the couple then swapped seats in the opel. Apparently completely inexperienced in dealing with motor vehicles, the 23-year-old woman stalled the corsa at the first attempt to drive off.

No to ghost games – majority against tests for professionals

No to ghost games - majority against tests for professionals

46 percent do not like the plan of the german soccer league (dfl) to play the nine remaining games of the season in stadiums without spectators as soon as possible. This was the result of a survey conducted by the opinion research institute yougov on behalf of the deutsche presse-agentur. 34 percent of respondents, on the other hand, were in favor of ghost games.

There is even greater opposition to the provision of around 20.000 corona tests for those involved in the ghost games. 58 percent disapprove, only 22 percent approve of the planned mabnahme. The DFL had recently emphasized on several occasions that the regular tests of professional soccer players did not result in a shortage for high-risk groups or other groups in society. According to several laboratories, the existing test capacities were not exhausted anyway. If something changed in this situation, the football was withdrawn, it was assured.

Sap rival oracle continues to suffer from hardware division

Sap rival oracle continues to suffer from hardware division

Thanks to savings, however, oracle succeeded in increasing its profit by 8 percent to 2.1 billion dollars compared to the same period of the previous year, as the californian company announced on wednesday at its headquarters in redwood shores. The company thus performed better than analysts had expected.

Oracle has been struggling with poor hardware sales for some time, this time the drop was 14 percent. The group had taken over the server specialist sun microsystems. Oracle makes database software from home. Sales of new software licenses and subscriptions to cloud computing services increased by 5 percent.

Mahershala ali: was discriminated against when buying a house

Mahershala ali: was discriminated against when buying a house

US actor mahershala ali (44) has just been nominated for an oscar for his role in the racist drama "green book – a special friendship.

In real life, the african-american has faced discrimination himself – not because of the color of his skin, but because of his religion. "The government blocked us from buying a house (in los angeles) because we are muslims and they had to vet us first," ali told the german press agency. "We wanted to buy a rental house. The bank had to report to national security or some such agency that muslims were buying a certain property. It had to be approved first."

Lichtenfelser invents reusable coffee capsules for enjoyment with a clear conscience

162 liters of coffee the german burgers drink on average per year. In addition to filter coffee machines, capsule machines such as those from nespresso are becoming increasingly popular. The colorful aluminum capsules look great, but they are not environmentally friendly. That’s what jurgen muller from muller mechanik gmbh in mistelfeld thought. He has thought about it and found an environmentally friendly solution.

They actually manufacture vibratory finishing machines for deburring and polishing in their company. How did you come up with the idea for capseco reusable coffee capsules??

Analysis: ces shows the new power chips for 2012

analysis: ces shows the new power chips for 2012

The event in las vegas marks the start of a trio of international trade shows: the mobile world trade show in barcelona at the end of february, followed at the beginning of march by cebit with its focus on digital technology in the enterprise.

2012 could be the year of mobile devices with new fast processors. "The more users ask for high-resolution content, the more important high processor performance becomes on mobile devices," says holger schmidt from taiwanese manufacturer asus, referring to videos and games. Quad-core processors make smartphones and tablet computers faster by processing user instructions in parallel in four computing cores.

Sexism in stasi victims’ memorial: director is dismissed

Sexism in stasi victims' memorial: director is dismissed

Director hubertus knabe loses his post in the affair of sexual harassment of women at the stasi victims memorial in berlin-hohenschonhausen. Knabe is duly informed, at the same time he is released from work for the time being.

This was announced by the berlin senate cultural administration. "The foundation council has no confidence that dr. Knabe will initiate the urgently needed cultural change at the foundation, let alone be able to credibly represent such a change," was the reason given in a press release issued by the council. He had passed the resolution unanimously. Knabe could not initially be reached for comment. On monday he had said: "if there is criticism, it should be put on the table"."Knabe has been director of the memorial since 2001.

Summer pruning slows down, winter pruning strengthens growth

The tree pruning course held on saturday by the fruit and gardening association (OGV) steinberg was very well received. The 37 participants were given valuable information and practical instructions on the subject of pruning fruit trees.

As OGV chairman peter mastalerz explained, summer pruning slows down growth, whereas so-called winter pruning – in the vegetation pause after the leaves have fallen until the sap begins to flow – stimulates it. By the cuttings it is tried to find a compromise between bearing, pruning and feeding wood. The tree is then in a physiological equilibrium.

Rodelsee starts with many question marks

Rodelsee starts with many question marks

Many teams would probably consider the third place in the handball district upper league a success. Not so TSV rodelsee, which achieved this ranking last season. "You have to say that last year’s third-place finish was more of a letdown for us," says TSV coach radovan suchy, not wanting to hide the fact that the former third-division team’s performance didn’t necessarily make for a pat on the back.

For suchy, however, the course of the past season was not entirely unexpected. After TSV had waived its right to promotion in the 2017/18 season as champions of the upper district league, it was foreseeable that it would be difficult in terms of motivation. But there was no alternative to the waiver at the time, because the players would have been too rough in the landesliga, as the coach explains. So the rodelsee team once again competed only at the highest district level – and, in suchy’s opinion, did not make full use of their potential. "We had more potential, but we clearly lost the decisive games, so that it was not enough for more than third place," says the coach.

Police apprehend hostage taker

Police officers from the habfurt police department succeeded in taking a 26-year-old man, who was obviously under psychological strain, into custody during an operation last wednesday. The suspected perpetrator had threatened a woman with scissors in his habfurt apartment. By order of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office, the 26-year-old is being held in a correctional facility, as the police prisons for lower franconia in wurzburg and the bamberg public prosecutor’s office jointly announced on monday.

Emergency call received by the police

About 10.30 o’clock reached the operation center of the police prasidium lower franconia the emergency call that a 26-year-old family members in the common apartment threatened with a knife. Without delay, patrols of the police of habfurt and surrounding departments set off to the scene of the incident.