High level, good entertainment

The audience at "singing and making music in advent" rewarded the performance with minutes of applause in the lauensteiner nikolaus church the performances of the players. On the third advent, the mixed choir of the singing society 1865 lauenstein, the flute group lauenstein, the lauensteiner blechblaser, the soloists stephan schmidt on the piano and the tenor mario frunske gave their best and demonstrated impressively that pre-christmas music – performed in a concert-like manner – has a high entertainment value.

The 90 minutes flew by with poems and speeches by gunther bergner, christel doring and erhard witte, who once again guided the audience through the program with his empathetic moderation.

Kronach’s new sound

Kronach's new sound

A newcomer band from the district of kronach is ready to take off: the five boys call themselves "vitamin B". On 21. July they perform for the first time – at the open air "1000 herzen fur kronach" on the land of the state garden show. But it took several months before the current line-up was finalized. Especially behind the band members adrian triebner, kevin mehlhase and fabian burkert-mazur lie many constellation changes. The latter already had the idea of founding a band at the end of 2017.

Since then, the two have experienced a constant coming and going of potential members. Often it failed because they did not want to or could not spend enough time on rehearsals – but also because of a lack of motivation. However, the same cannot be said of the current line-up. "We are already up for it", makes kevin klenner laughingly clear.

Fruit and table music in the konigshof kindergarten

It was, as wolfgang fuchs told the children, a musical dinner for eyes, ears, noses and tongues. The sweet tooth, the sweet tooth and the naughty fruit can taste different kinds of fruit and vegetables
get to know the music, prepare it in a bite-sized way and finally eat it like at a royal dinner with musical accompaniment. Wolfgang fuchs not only played the violin, but also passed on the relevant information to the children.

The children learned that the carrot contains vitamin A, which is very healthy, but also that in the past, such table music was played at court ceremonies, as with kings and princes. The children could feel transported back to that time. Wolfgang fuchs first presented various types of fruit and awarded prizes accordingly.

Kronach sounds and rocks

Kronach sounds and rocks

On saturday, 20 bands and djs in 14 pubs created a good atmosphere. The musical variety for free was used by many visitors to go to several locations with their bands.

While in the "kaiserhof-tenne" as always "frankenart as always "frankenart" played, a large number of people gathered at the party tables in the inner courtyard to exchange their experiences.