Bad kissing’s unesco application: change of leadership in karlsbad

Bad kissing's unesco application: change of leadership in karlsbad

After years of preparation, eleven european spas submit their joint application for world heritage status to unesco in paris next tuesday. The czech state is the leader, so the czech spa town of karlsbad has an important role to play. Shortly before the important date in paris, petr kulhanek, the mayor of the city for many years, was voted out of office (see info box). His successor is the former general manager of the grand hotel "pupp, andrea pepper-ferklova. Before the mayor of bad kissingen, kay blankenburg, sees his new colleague for the first time on tuesday, we talked to the 44-year-old about the unesco application and her plans.

Dear mrs. Pfeffer-ferklova, congratulations on your election! Carlsbad is not only an important, but THE most important partner of bad kissingen in the unesco bid. Will the city remain the leader of the bid under its leadership??

Failed car toll now costs 76.7 million euros

Failed car toll now costs 76.7 million euros

Exactly one year ago, the toll on cars failed miserably at the european court of justice – and has now cost the federal government 76.7 million euros.

This sum, which has been accrued since 2014, was communicated by the transport ministry to the german press agency on request. At the end of last year, expenditures of around 72 million euros were last mentioned. According to earlier reports, they were used to pay for consultants, expert opinions and personnel, among other things. On the anniversary of the halt to the former CSU prestige project, the opposition again attacked minister andreas scheuer (CSU), and the investigative committee questioned further witnesses.