Too much water flows from sollberg to weibenohe?

Too much water flows from sollberg to weibenohe?

If you drive up the steep weibenoher berg, you’ll arrive in the town of grafenberg, called sollenberg. There, on the edge of the forest, surrounded by cherry orchards near a radio mast, a small building area has been designated. But since water is known to flow downhill, the wastewater association should carry out an inspection. "The wastewater association does not see any problems coming to the sewerage system", the mayor of weibenoh, rudolf braun (WGA), reported at the municipal council meeting. "But I don’t feel very comfortable about it", said braun. He had heard from the residents of the mesnergraben that despite the prolonged drought, there is still water in the ditch. This would not normally be the case in such weather conditions. It is suspected that the water comes from sollenberg, which uses the oberflach canal. "We want to check whether something has come in from sollberg," said braun, said braun.

Overloaded during heavy rain

Ksv kitzingen dares to take the risk

ksv kitzingen dares to take the risk

The weightlifters of KSV kitzingen lost their first fight in the new bay-ernliga-season with 1:2. But this negative result in waldkirchen, 300 kilometers away, did not cause any disappointment among the team, as thomas stohr, one of the lifters, reports. "We have been very happy about this point! We are now in good spirits and quite euphoric, not only with regard to the home competition against KSC dachau," says hohr. The kitzinger were allowed to bag the one payer, because they had produced the stronger performance in the reiben than the opponent.

On the day of the competition, the kitzingen team had already started around noon in order to be in the bavarian forest on time. First they moved into their quarters – the kitzingen team did without the strenuous drive home at night. At 18 o’clock it went for all on the scales, it followed the contest. A cosy team evening rounded the whole thing off, the next day it went back in the direction of lower franconia. This was a good start to the new season, says stohr. Because during the week the athletes rarely see each other because one or the other is working away from home.

Home builders get their money’s worth

Home builders get their money's worth

More than 16 years ago, wolfgang heyder and steffen marx sat down together to look for ideas on how to open up the brose arena, which at the time was already well occupied with sports and cultural events, for further public events. "We came", so steffen marx now in the conversation with our newspaper "on the idea to develop a fair, which should serve the domestic economic demand" wrote jaki there. Years later, the franken real estate fair in bamberg has long since outgrown its infancy and has become the leading theme show in southern germany.
For the sixteenth time the real estate fair franken took place last saturday and sunday. This time with the special theme "sustainable construction and renovation, climate, energy and security". The organizers hit the nerve of the audience and the fair was able to set some records in the sixteenth edition again. The demand from exhibitors is continuing, said managing director marx happily when he opened the fair on saturday afternoon in the presence of third mayor wolfgang metzner (SPD), district administrator johann kalb (CSU) and numerous city councillors as well as many mayors and municipal councillors from the district communities.
Marx said that with 200 exhibitors at 160 stands, the event had reached new dimensions. In concrete terms, work has begun on the reserve exhibition space on the upper floor of the arena and, of course, a new record number of visitors will be welcomed. Mayor metzner, who represented the fair patron andreas starke (SPD), who was prevented from attending, and district administrator kalb thanked marx and heyder, as well as the exhibitors, for their commitment to the fair and to the local economy.
Finally, metzner explained that bamberg is continuing to develop into a boomtown and that the city’s real estate management is facing up to the associated challenges. He referred to the new construction area "megalith" in the district of gaustadt, the decision on a development plan in the district of wildensorg and the development of the former lagarde barracks and the former officers’ quarters on podeldorfer strabe.
The county councilor emphasized the wide range of information opportunities offered by the fair. On the one hand there are the competent exhibitors and on the other hand there are more than forty lectures in the betongold-forum and the oddset-business-lounge during the two days of the fair.
And indeed, at this fair, all visitors were excellently catered for. Whether house builders, house renovators and refurbishers, tenants, owners, minimalists or experimenters, manufacturers, service providers or suppliers – they all got their money’s worth.


Bitcoin starts into new ara with gains

Bitcoin starts into new ara with gains

The controversial digital currency bitcoin starts into a new era – and continues to rise. Since sunday night, bitcoin futures have been the first financial product that allows the internet currency to be traded on regulated exchanges.

Investors can use it to bet on rising and falling bitcoin prices. The start of trading had been eagerly awaited, as the digital currency, which has risen sharply of late, thus takes a rough step into the traditional financial world.

Rewe achieves record sales

Rewe achieves record sales

This was announced by the rewe headquarters in koln on wednesday. However, the group’s balance sheet is burdened by the restructuring of the loss-making discount subsidiary penny. In a newspaper interview, rewe ceo alain caparros hinted at a drop in operating profits due to special effects. The 2011 consolidated financial statements will be presented in may.

"Even under challenging conditions, we are growing steadily and profitably," the rewe boss said in a statement. Among other things, the kolner group is relying on an attractive product range, modernization of its stores and targeted acquisitions. The group’s own rewe supermarkets in germany proved to be the growth engine in 2011, achieving an increase in sales of almost 10 percent and thus gaining market share. In comparison, industry sales in the food retail sector in germany grew by only 2.4 percent last year.

Kremlin list from washington draws criticism in moscow

Kremlin list from washington draws criticism in moscow

The U.S. Government has placed senior russian politicians and pro-kremlin businessmen on a controversial list, triggering massive criticism in moscow.

President vladimir putin called the document an "unfriendly act" that further complicates already complicated relations with the u.S. "Of course, the list harms international relations as a whole," putin said in moscow on tuesday, according to the interfax agency. His spokesman dmitry peskov said, "de facto, we have all been called enemies of the u.S."Russian politicians assume that the document could serve as a basis for sanctions.

Miley cyrus and liam hemsworth donate to forest fire victims

miley cyrus and liam hemsworth donate to forest fire victims

U.S. Singer miley cyrus (25) and her boyfriend, actor liam hemsworth (28), have donated 500.000 US dollars donated for forest fire victims in california. This was reported by the US news channel CNN on tuesday.

The money is to benefit victims in malibu, where the celebrity couple also lost their home in the flames. A spokeswoman for cyrus and hemsworth said, according to CNN, that the money went to the malibu foundation, which helps those affected by the disaster.

Position on the open-air swimming pool: honest, open and factual discussion

The closed door of the meeting hall: the loud protesters outside, the city council members inside who can hardly understand their own words – the event itself provides a fitting symbol for the escalating situation in the volkach open-air swimming pool debate. This is a mixture of facts and emotions: of course the mayor is right when he does not tolerate any safety risk in the operation of the pool, however small it may be. His attitude of not wanting to saddle the city with a mountain of debt because of the open-air pool is also justifiable.

But what the mayor and part of the city council have to be blamed for: they hoped that the baths could be reopened if the forderverein took over the responsibility and if only enough volunteers were found. The black peter was thus out of her hands for the time being.

Today starts the rough garden festival

today starts the rough garden festival

The enemies of kronach have always cut their teeth on the walls of the city. But sometimes even friends stumble when they try to get inside. "This fortress is really hard to take", sighs one of the exhibitors at the rose and garden festival. His team broke down on the steep driveway with a full load and probably too weak a tractor unit.
"This is now the third one we've pulled up", says organizer stefanie kober with a smile. She reaches for the radio and announces to the station outside the fortress walls to warn the drivers in the future.

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