The rough cleaning up and refurbishment begins

the rough cleaning up and refurbishment begins

Something else is more important to him: no one was injured in the storm. "I am glad that it went off like that. Without injured." The police in habfurt registered around 170 calls for service on the night of the storm and the morning after, the ebern police another 40. And more cases will follow for the police, for example when victims need protocols for their insurances. Damage was also caused by children's trampolines whirling around: in ebern one landed in the top of a tree, another in the neighbor's winter garden.

On the road with a snowplow

Lights of a balmy summer night

"Wait, don’t move or I’ll never find you in this crowd!" Peter donath, chairman of the fruit and horticulture association, stands in the middle of the village square and talks to a helper. Around him are probably a thousand or more visitors. Peter donath orders another good portion of sausage from his local butcher with his cell phone on his ear.

Although the clock only shows shortly after 8 p.M., the bratwursts are already sold out. By then, 65 kilograms of cheese and ten kilos of salmon substitutes (for salmon sandwiches), more than 600 pairs of sausages, 300 steaks and 16 whole salt bellies had already been sold. The sold cakes and pies were not even paid by the hard-working helpers of the garden friends and the volunteer fire department.

Easter vacations begin – roadworks threaten travel traffic jams here

Easter vacations begin - roadworks threaten travel traffic jams here

When bavarian schoolchildren start their easter vacations today, there is a danger of traffic jams on the highways again. Patience is the order of the day. Some rough highways passed through france, some of which were very busy with construction work.

Danger of traffic jams due to roadworks on the A3

On the a3 between wertheim and helmstadt the freeway is being widened to six lanes. Here the traffic is braked by a construction site on a long one of 5.7 kilometers to 80 km/h.

A speeding ambassador for rodental

A speeding ambassador for rodental

The chairman of the board of deutsche bahn, rudiger grube, gave rodental's mayor gerhard preb a nice surprise. As a thank-you for the good cooperation on the new construction of the nurnberg-erfurt intercity express line, the head of the railroad company spontaneously assured the head of the city during a visit to rosenau last year that an intercity express train would be named "rodental to be baptized.

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