Bad bruckenau: old hand in new position

53-year-old thomas voth, who began his training with the eichstatt riot police in 1983, has worked at numerous police stations throughout his career. Airport police munich-riem, border police prasidium, highway police oberthulba or traffic inspection werneck were just a few of the stations in the process. In april 2012 he came to bad bruckenau. "The town on the river sinn has been a bit of a pussycat for me up to now", the official remembers the initial period. But that changed very quickly "because the cooperation with the new colleagues as well as with the responsible persons in the town hall immediately worked out very well".

For head of inspection herbert markert, it was important when filling the post "to have someone at my side who already knows the job of deputy". With his many years of experience, voth was the right man for the job, who is not only respected by all the employees at the office, but is also often asked for advice. In this way, the transfer of knowledge among each other has also functioned without any unnecessary friction losses.

The 53-year-old is an absolute expert in traffic matters, for example. "On his initiative, we were able to acquire the necessary hardware and software to carry out heavy traffic checks on our own", stresses his boss.
Voth’s duties include, in addition to his deputy function, operational and service planning, as well as the management of the so-called verfugungsgruppe (a group of people in charge of the administration). He is also in charge of major police operations that require complex action by all law enforcement officers.

Although the rhonians are "decent people with few surprises," the chief inspector knows from his time at the hospital that, the chief inspector naturally knows his secret friends from his time in bad bruckenau. He was particularly struck by the high proportion of young people in the city who obviously have no prospects, who know what to do with themselves and therefore repeatedly get into conflict situations with the police: "I have never experienced that in this form before.

The father of three, for whom family life is a high priority, still lives in bad neustadt and commutes to his workplace, not only by car, but now and then even by bicycle. "It can be done in about two hours", says the well-trained 53-year-old, who spends most of his free time on the saddle of his pedelec anyway. So of course he is particularly looking forward to the imminent opening of the new bicycle and fubweg on the former railroad line. Voth has also built up his strength for his new job as deputy head of inspection on his bicycle. Shortly before taking office, he spent a few days traveling across scotland with a friend.

The bad bruckenau police department, which voth has led up to now, is currently being led by police chief inspector michael kapitz on a deputy basis. The application process for voth’s successor has not yet been completed, according to police chief markert.


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