Today starts the rough garden festival

today starts the rough garden festival

The enemies of kronach have always cut their teeth on the walls of the city. But sometimes even friends stumble when they try to get inside. "This fortress is really hard to take", sighs one of the exhibitors at the rose and garden festival. His team broke down on the steep driveway with a full load and probably too weak a tractor unit.
"This is now the third one we've pulled up", says organizer stefanie kober with a smile. She reaches for the radio and announces to the station outside the fortress walls to warn the drivers in the future.

Six years of experience

Kronach sounds and rocks

Kronach sounds and rocks

On saturday, 20 bands and djs in 14 pubs created a good atmosphere. The musical variety for free was used by many visitors to go to several locations with their bands.

While in the "kaiserhof-tenne" as always "frankenart as always "frankenart" played, a large number of people gathered at the party tables in the inner courtyard to exchange their experiences.