A spirit of optimism for the anniversary: dhb celebrates 100 years of handball

a spirit of optimism for the anniversary: dhb celebrates 100 years of handball

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of handball in germany, the DHB is planning to move into modern times.

At the association’s own federal convention this saturday, not only the re-election of president andreas michelmann is on the agenda, but above all the adoption of the "perspective 2020+" reform package. "We want to radically restructure the german handball association to become better, faster and more successful," michelmann said. The modernization and professionalization of the DHB should bring one thing above all in the future: even more success.

The honorary board of directors will soon comprise ten members and focus on strategy, control and representation in the manner of a supervisory board. A full-time executive board is to be responsible for operations. "We have reached a phase of very productive cooperation. This is also reflected in the flexibility with which we have translated the political decision on perspective 2020+ into a draft statute," michelmann noted with satisfaction.

The perspective package unanimously recommended by the federal council, including the necessary changes to the articles of association, is now before the delegates for a resolution. "Unlike many an election program of political parties, there are clear statements on how the formulated goals are to be achieved with concrete work packages," said michelmann and added confidently: "we are consistently continuing the path of modernization of our association that we embarked on in 2013 and are enabling the further professionalization of the DHB. The process succeeds because everyone takes a step back and moves towards each other in the spirit of handball."

The colorful program for the 100th anniversary – on 29. October 1917 the rules of handball were laid down for the first time in berlin – deliver the two national teams on saturday in magdeburg and sunday in the capital city. The men will play twice against vice european champions spain, the women against vice world champions the netherlands. "The combination of ladies’ and bad boys’ games was already very successful in march in hamburg," said DHB secretary general mark schober. "The next double against outstanding opponents will be another attraction for the fans."

For both teams, which will be competing in new outfits, the games are an important assessment of their position on the way to their next goals. The women want a medal at the world cup at home in december, the men want to defend their title at the european championships in croatia in january 2018. "We are coming there as the reigning european champions and are being chased by the other teams. Everyone wants to take the title away from us," said captain uwe gensheimer.

But on sunday there will also be some reminiscing about the great successes of the past, when the old heroes of the sport will meet for a festive brunch in berlin. There, the arc is spanned from the first international match, which the german women will play on 2. December 1917, the olympic victory in 1936, the world cup triumphs in 1978 and 2007, the successes of the GDR with the crowning olympic gold medal in 1980, and the sensational european championship success of the previous year. For the fans there are the highlights of the story in fast motion in a ARD documentary (sunday, 16.3 p.M.) with the title "handball a year100sport".


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