A speeding ambassador for rodental

A speeding ambassador for rodental

The chairman of the board of deutsche bahn, rudiger grube, gave rodental's mayor gerhard preb a nice surprise. As a thank-you for the good cooperation on the new construction of the nurnberg-erfurt intercity express line, the head of the railroad company spontaneously assured the head of the city during a visit to rosenau last year that an intercity express train would be named "rodental to be baptized.

For reasons of space in coburg

The official ceremony took place on saturday at the coburg train station, because the only two-track platform in rodental-oeslau did not offer enough space for the many guests. After the formal naming ceremony, the 185-meter-long train rolled to rodental, where it was already awaited by many residents and interested parties, to the applause of numerous spectators.
Mayor gerhard preb was enthusiastic and now hopes for an advertising effect through the lettering and the city coat of arms on the ICE train. His wife ilse preb and daughter trixi preb-zapf acted as godmothers and wished the high-speed train a long service life, trouble-free journeys and punctuality, before they duly performed the naming ceremony with champagne from a magnum bottle. The ceremony was accompanied musically by the rodental youth orchestra.
On behalf of deutsche bahn, klaus-dieter josel, group representative for the free state of bavaria, announced some of the train's details: the 411-series intercity express train, including the two power cars, the onboard restaurant and the passenger cars, consists of a total of seven permanently connected sections and offers seating for 381 passengers. With a top speed of 230 kilometers per hour, the ICE "rodental" will be the first train of the year to travel throughout germany and into other european countries. The train will certainly be a "good ambassador for rodental" according to josel.
The new ICE line between erfurt and nurnberg is scheduled to go into operation at the end of 2017. Whether the ICE will then be integrated into a timetable in coburg or will only stop at the edge of the day – i.E. In the early morning and late evening hours – has yet to be decided. A rail summit is to be held in the western city this fall, which will also be attended by the head of the deutsche bahn. At the train baptism on saturday rudiger grube was prevented because of a trip abroad.


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