24-Hour odyssey ends in a field

Thanks to the exemplary behavior of a 50-year-old road user from hammelburg, who showed exemplary commitment in a traffic accident, an 82-year-old motorist was finally helped after a 24-hour odyssey through the republic. As the police reports, the 82-year-old road user from melle in lower saxony (osnabruck district) came on saturday morning completely disoriented on the former B27 – shortly after neuwirtshaus – from the roadway. His approximately 350-kilometer drive, starting in melle, the man ended with his car in a field adjacent to the former B27, before he drove over a delineator and damaged the seed in the field. As the investigation of the police revealed, the 82-year-old was on the road for almost 24 hours.
The senior was found by the 50-year-old completely disoriented lying on the ground next to his car. The 82-year-old was severely hypothermic – but responsive. He stated that he was almost home in melle after all. "Almost" it didn’t quite hit the mark, because even on the fastest route, melle is still more than three hours’ drive away from where the man was found. The 82-year-old was rescued by a towing service, he was taken to a hospital with hypothermia and his relatives were given an amnesty. Additional report to the responsible driving authority.

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