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Angry Birds Rio Description

Angry Birds Rio

How do you play Angry Birds Rio?

The hit game, Angry Birds, has a sequel: Angry Birds Rio. It's played like the original game: pull the sling shot back, and watch the bird fly. Angle it right, and you'll hit the boxes or the cages. Once all the cages have been destroyed and the birds set free, the level is over. Extra points are awarded for the birds you don't use. However, run out of birds before the cages are gone, and you've lost the level. You can replay the levels as much as you like - either to improve your score or to get the hang of the game.

In addition to having to free the birds, the different birds you get to use during the game have different things they can do. For example, the red bird simply impacts the cages or the boxes. The blue bird can be split into three if you tap or click on the screen before it impacts. The yellow bird can do a dive upon being tapped or clicked. The black bird you see is a bomb, which can be tapped to make it explode in the air, or you can let it lie in wait for a few seconds after it lands. Be careful - using these powers at the wrong time could end up in a level failed instead of a level succeeded.

The plot

This version of the game is set in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. It's based off the movie Rio on some levels - and you can see Blu and his friend Jewel if you look closely enough. Not all the levels have this incredible hider, but look closely.

In this one, you have to free the birds instead of destroying the pigs. The glass, stone, and wood is also seen in this version of the popular game, and can obstruct your game play. However, the slingshot has stayed the same from the original to this one, and the different angles can offer what you need.

There are 20 levels, and the birds are unlocked in progression: red, blue, yellow, black. The list goes on!

No matter which birds you use, how you angle the slingshot, or how many times you have to replay a level, the game is as addicting as the first. From having to save the birds to simply replaying a level to waste some time before an appointment or while stalling is worth it.