About Us

We are a company that bases our business on fun! We don't believe that fun and entertainment should be limited to those who are able to afford it financially, so we're bringing you the best of the Angry Birds apps and games for free!

Some days we all have to just kick back and relax with a game. Whether your game of choice is a Candy Crush visual pattern-finding game, a whimsical holiday themed game, a game of strategy, or even just a classic favorite, we've got you covered! We've developed a website that brings together all types of games under one fun and beloved brand. Your favorite Angry Birds characters come to life in a whole new series of games, adventures, and stories.

With a wide variety of games and puzzles for you to choose from, you'll be sure to find something for your tastes. We've got quick thinking puzzle games such as Angry Birds Elimination, expansions on the Angry Birds series with our games such as Angry Birds Halloween or Angry Birds Space, and even the online adaptation of the original Angry Birds game!

On our site we've also designed a number of games with entirely different premises. We've got our BadPiggies game in which players get to explore the possibilities and mechanics of constructing a cart or vehicle to propel the piggies to their destination while collecting small tokens and points along the way. We've also got our Angry Birds fishing game, which allows players to gather points and reach objectives in a 2-player optional classic fishing game.

We pride ourselves on creating fun games that will engage the players and keep their attention. With an easy to navigate site that is updated with new games and themes throughout the year, players will never feel as though they've fallen into the rut of playing the same game time and time again. But by keeping it simple with each new game we install, we've created a user friendly gaming series fit for fans of all ages.

Our website and games are designed to work with not only smart phones and devices that can download apps, but with desktops, P.C.s, and Macs as well. If you can get the internet on it, you can play our games on it! Whether you're passing the time on a morning commute, looking for a distraction to break up a boring work or study day, or simply want to chill with a fun game during your down time, we've got something to offer everyone!